Donuts for Breakfast: VacationTraditions

One of our family traditions, when we are on a road trip, is to find a local donut shop for breakfast at a local park. Sometimes we eat the donuts on a picnic table and sometimes we have to sit in the truck because it’s too cold, but it really doesn’t matter where we sit. We enjoy supporting the local donut shops and making memories together as a family. Family traditions don’t have to be elaborate or expensive to create lasting memories.

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Donuts for Breakfast: VacationTraditions

We don’t have a local donut shop in our town, so finding hot fresh donuts on vacation is a special treat.

We have eaten donuts from Fosters Donuts on the Pacific coastline outside Los Angeles.

When we were in Paducah Kentucky, we found Red’s Donuts and had breakfast right on the river.

Recently, we visited Cleveland Ohio, and discovered a local donut shop to eat for breakfast on Lake Erie at Edgewater Park.

Traditions matter.

Now that the kids are practically adults, we know that it is going to become harder to find time for us to get in the car for family road trips. That’s why it’s important to start when the kids are small with easy traditions that you can continue.

Eating a donut for breakfast is not always the healthiest option. However, it is a great memory maker. And once the kids are grown and leave the house, it is important to have memories and traditions that you can continue throughout the next season.

So you better believe, that anytime we get a chance we are going to find a local donut shop and enjoy a breakfast of champions, because it sure does make a great memory!

Do you have any vacation traditions that you and your family enjoy? I’d love to hear!

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