Don’t Let Rain Ruin a Day at the Zoo!

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We were able to take a quick trip up to Washington DC this past week and of course, we wanted to spend some time at the Smithsonian National Zoo. But the morning we planned to go for our zoo adventure, we woke up to rain! So we had two options: skip the zoo and miss out on the chance to see the Giant Pandas or grab our ponchos and go on a rainy day adventure. Guess which choice we made? Don’t let rain ruin a day at the zoo. Just take these tips and get out there and explore!

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Don’t Let Rain Ruin a Day at the Zoo!

If you are visiting a local zoo, then you may be able to pick and choose which day to go visit. But when you have traveled over 600 miles, you have to take what you get when it comes to the weather.

Be ready!

We typically keep plastic ponchos in the car when we go on adventures so we can have easy access to them when we get out in unexpected rain. They cost just a couple dollars if you buy them on Amazon or pick them up at your local stores, but if you buy them in the zoo gift shops, they’ll be a bit pricier. Remember to take an umbrella so you will be able to take pictures without getting your phone or camera wet!

You can even buy rain covers to fit most strollers. These rain covers come in clear protective material so your child can enjoy the zoo without getting soaked from the rain.

Look for the animals in the houses

Some animals absolutely hate to be out in the rain, while others flourish in the wet environment. On this trip to the Zoo, many of the animals were holed up in their houses so we went where they were and got to see some fun!

We even got to see the giant pandas! They were sleeping comfortably in the Giant Panda House where they are under constant observation.

Giant Pandas
Giant Panda Observation

And of course, there are always fun pictures to take …. even in the rain!

Venture out in the rain!

We found that some of the animals actually enjoyed the rain!

Elephants on a Rainy Day at the Zoo

Even the lions were out putting on a show with some great roars!

Appreciate the cooler temperatures

One of the advantages of a rainy day is that the normally hot summer temperatures are much enjoyable.

Sure, we would have preferred to see all the Zoo on a sunny day, but sometimes you don’t get to pick and choose when you go. So don’t the let the weather ruin your fun day with family! Just grab your poncho and umbrella so you can get out there and make some memories with your family!

Have you been to the Smithsonian National Zoo? I’d love to hear your stories and see your pictures from a sunny day visit!

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