Don’t Forget to Say Thanks!


I was raised that if someone took the time to give me a gift, I was expected to take the time to say thank you! And a quick muttered thanks as I walked out the door was never good enough. Every year after our birthday and holidays, we would take the time to write thank you notes and mail them to the people who had done something special. So of course, now that I have kids of my own, we continue that tradition of remembering to say thank you! Getting the family to sit down and write thank you notes is not always an easy process, so today I’m sharing a few tips to help us make thank you cards a little easier.

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Don't forget to say thanks

How to Make Thank You Notes Easier

Something to remember is that just because we grow up and get “real jobs” doesn’t mean our time of sending handwritten thank you cards is over. As a travel blogger, I have the opportunity to work with many travel bureaus and public relations people. When I get back from a press trip, I take the time to write a handwritten note and say thanks! These same tips apply to me in my business as they do for my kids after the holidays.

This season of Thanksgiving, let’s make time to sit down and send some handwritten thank you notes!

Don't forget to say thanks! Offer thank you notes for the family to use.

Keep the Supplies Together

The number one thing we do to make saying thanks a little easier is to keep all the supplies in one place. Pick a spot that works in your home and keep everything together. You may choose a plastic tub or a zipper baggie or maybe you just want to designate one drawer in the kitchen. Wherever you choose to create your thank you spot, keep it well stocked!

Thank you Cards

We keep a wide array of thank you notes in our card station. Each member of the family has different styles. The boys don’t want to use thank you notes that have flowers, but Natalie prefers something that is pretty and fun. So I make sure we keep an assortment of cards ready so there are choices.

Thank you notes for the whole family!


Everyone loves stickers – whether you are young or old. They also work great to seal the back of the envelope so you don’t have to lick the flap. You can use festive, seasonal stickers or something a little more conservative. But keep them handy so you can use them!

Use stickers to customize thank you notes.


Confetti is often thought of as decorations for party table but this is also a perfect way to add some fun to thank you notes. Since you can purchase confetti in almost every theme, then simply add a few sprinkles to your next thank you note and insert fun for the recipient!

Use confetti to make Thank you notes fun


It doesn’t matter how many thank you notes you write, they are useless unless you actually mail them. So make your life easier by keeping a booklet of stamps in the same place as your note cards so you will have no excuse to not get them mailed.

Ink Pens/Gel Pens

Everyone has their favorite ink pens so keep a good supply of ink pens, gel pens and pencils with your note cards so you will be ready to take your thank you note experience from start to finish.

How do you make sure you remember to say thank you? Do you have a Thank You card station for your family?

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