Dog Slaughter Falls – Corbin, KY


My family loves to explore our Kentucky backyard. A few years ago we discovered Dog Slaughter Falls outside Corbin, Kentucky. This is probably my favorite hiking trail that our family has taken – ever! Dog Slaughter Falls trail offers everything we love to find when we go on a family adventure: boulders, waterfall, amazing views, babbling creeks to cross, rocky overhangs to climb under, ferns, mossy tree trunks, and rocks.

Dog Slaughter Falls Corbin Kentucky

Dog Slaughter Falls – Corbin, KY

Dog Slaughter Falls is most easily accessed from a simple trailhead right off Forest Service Road 195. You access this service road by taking KY 90 out of Corbin, Kentucky.

On our first visit, we got completely turned around, following gravel forest service roads. There is very little phone service out in the Daniel Boone National Forest. We finally reached a high spot and were able to get a call out to the Cumberland Falls Visitor Center where we were able to get connected to a park service ranger. He gave us directions so we could find the trailhead. Don’t do like we did. Get the directions and know where you are going BEFORE you get out on the forest service roads.

Take US 90 out of Corbin, KY. Turn on KY Forest Road 195 and go about 2 1/2 miles to this wide spot in the road. If you park here on the side of the road, you will go down a little path, cross a foot bridge and take a mile hike out to the falls. Plan to spend about 45 minutes hiking out to the falls and then come back on the same trail. We ended up being out for about 3 hours which gave us time to hike as well as enjoy the beauty at the base of the falls.

These are the coordinates that we saved on our GPS when we found the trailhead.
N 36° 51.554′
W084° 17.976′

Before you get to this wide spot on the road where the trail begins, there is another trailhead that will take you to the same trail. But that trail is about 2 miles longer.

I suggest checking with the the Daniel Boone National Forest Service here before you go looking for the trail if you don’t feel comfortable with these vague directions.


The wooden footbridge is actually a little bit springy. It’s not a true swinging bridge, but has the cables that allow it to bounce. There is only 1 rail, so if you are hiking with kids make sure you don’t send them across on their own.


The trail to the falls is not really difficult, but it has many boulders and steep drop offs. Our kids loved this hike, saying it was probably their favorite trail ever. At age 7,9 and 12, they have been on many hikes and are very careful. We often remind them to ‘focus’ and ‘pay attention at this point’ when we are hiking to help them realize that there are special places that could be more tricky.

The trail will give you everything you are looking for in a mountain hike. Steep inclines, boulders to cross, streams to jump and then beautiful paths through the woods.


You follow Dog Slaughter Creek from the trailhead to the falls. This gives you some amazing views of the rocks, water and amazing boulders.

falls creek

As you get to the actual falls, you will be able to see Dog Slaughter Falls from the top. There is a pretty steep drop, so watch the kids carefully. Then you can hike on around the loop and get down at the bottom of the falls. Being down by the rocks and the waterfall is probably my favorite place of the whole hike.

falls favorite

Trail Advisory:
We love hiking and have taken our kids on many trails but this is not a good trail for a beginning family hike. Children must be able to follow directions and stay focused and aware when it is necessary. This is an amazing adventure, but don’t be casual about your family’s safety. Pack the right supplies before you go out on an extended hike.


Have you ever visited this waterfall in Kentucky? I’d love to hear your experience!

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  1. Great info! Thanks so much. Wondering if the gravel road requires 4 wheel drive or if a smaller car would be fine?

  2. Thank you so much for this post!! My family and I are traveling thru Kentucky from Florida. We stayed at the Cumberland Falls Lodge and had the afternoon free to go exploring. We had hiked Cumberland and Eagle Falls the day before. I was looking for a similar hike nearby. I found your blog thru Pinterest and decided to try Dog Slaughter. It was absolutely fantastic!!! And your details were soooo helpful! Thank you so much!!

    1. So very glad to hear that you were able to find Dog Slaughter Falls. It is one of our favorite hikes in the area. Thanks for letting me know that the details and tips helped you enjoy your time here in Kentucky! I’d love to see pictures from your hike! Feel free to tag me on social if you share any of your photos! Happy travels!

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