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Looking for a simple project for the weekend? How about creating a wood slice windchime? If you are a DIY person, then you can use a saw to cut some wood slices, but if you prefer to buy your craft supplies, just hop over to Amazon and pick up your wood slices. Either way, you can decorate these wood slices using vinyl and your Cricut to create a simple windchime for your garden or backyard!

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Wood Slice Windchime

Materials Needed


Order woodslices from Amazon or you can cut them yourself. Use your favorite saw and sand paper to prepare your woodslices for your windchime.

I convinced my husband to cut me some wood slices since I have a history with saws and projects. I typically leave the power tools to him. You’ve heard the story of me, the circular saw and the dryer, right?

In an attempt to save money and be crafty, years ago, I decided to build a shelf in our utility room. I placed a piece of salvaged wood on my dryer, plugged in the skill saw and started sawing. I didn’t think about the fact that wood will vibrate when you use the saw and I didn’t think about how deep the saw would cut.

Seconds later, I had a beautiful 4 inch cut in the body of my dryer. Fortunately, I didn’t hurt anything vital and my dryer still worked. I just had to live with the family legend I had created.

Drill holes in the top of each woodslice to make it easier to string your windchime.

Use your Cricut to cut vinyl in the shapes or words of your choice. I chose each of our family’s initials so I would have a reminder of the core unit that I pray for daily. On the back I chose a simple graphic that represents each of these people.

If you have never used vinyl on wood slices, it’s the very same process as any other transfer.

  • Simply cut the vinyl
  • Weed out the excess
  • Use transfer tape to pull the vinyl off the original backing
  • Lay it on the wood slices and use the burnishing tool to attach the vinyl design
  • Tip: Make sure you wipe off any saw dust residue so you will get a tight transfer of the design

Once you have your vinyl attached to the wood blocks, thread your jute twine through each hole. Tie a small knot between each wood slice so they will hang a few inches a part.

For the top block, thread the jute through multiple times and create a loop at the top to serve as the hanger.

Now you have your woodslice windchime decoration ready to hang in your yard, greenhouse or garden.

I hung it in the yard for a bit then decided to bring it into the greenhouse for the winter so I can enjoy it each time I visit my winter ‘happy place’.

Ideas to improve on my Wood Slice Windchime

  • Could I add multiple strands of wood to create sound when the wood moves?
  • Could I use other materials like seashells, driftwood, marbles or colorful rocks to create a natural windchime?

I found some great windchimes on Amazon to inspire us as we dream about our custom windchimes.

What will you create this week? Got any great plans? I’d love to see!

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