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DIY Pet Backpack – Going to Grandma’s

For many of us, our pets are just like family! And when they go on a trip to visit Grandma’s, they need their own backpack! Don’t you agree? Here’s a simple DIY Pet backpack that you can create before your next visit to a friend or family members home! Feel free to print off the note to take on your next trip too!


Materials Needed

pet backpack 1

Scrap of fabric
Hot Glue Gun (or Sewing Machine)
Shoe Lace


Measure your fabric.
A square off the bottom of an old child’s t-shirt worked perfect for my small yorkie. You want the backpack to be a little wider than the dog’s back.

    • Glue the sides so you have a square tube.
    • Turn the square inside out and glue the shoe lace into a tube.
    • Flip the pocket right side out.
    • Glue the other end into another tube at the top leaving plenty of lace sticking out each end.

Now that the backpack is done, it’s time to decorate. I used some sticky foam letters from former craft projects to write a message on the bag. Feel free to decorate however you choose. I found that hot glue worked better on the letters than just sticking them to the fabric.

pet backpack 8

Now, you’re ready to try the new backpack on your dog! I debated about what should go in the bag, and decided it would be unfair to pack the dog’s favorite treats! So instead, I think the backpack should just carry a message telling “Grandma” how to spoil the dog with plenty of treats. Don’t you’ agree?

henry backpack 3

Feel free to print this note and use it next time your fur baby goes to visit Grandma!

dear grandma treats
backpack and note

What do you think? Does your dog need his own backpack? Now it’s time for our little Yorkie to head off on another adventure!

Just so you know: Our Yorkie absolutely LOVES when he gets to help me with these blog posts because I give him lots of little treats while he is sitting there for the pictures!

Here’s another fun DIY project for your dog:

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  1. That is adorable! I certainly will have to try this one. It looks pretty easy to do and I just love the lettering in the back. “Grandma” is going to really love this one.

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