DIY Newspaper Seed Pots

Even though there is freezing rain outside, I’m getting ready for Spring gardening. I have been making newspaper seed pots this weekend and have started planting some flower seeds so I’ll be ready as soon as Spring makes its appearance. These newspaper seed pots are super easy to make and a great way to recycle newspaper. The hard part is waiting for germination!

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DIY Newspaper Seed Pots

For Christmas last year, a friend of mine gave me a Seed Pot Maker. She definitely knew exactly what I needed for my gardening hobby. The Seed Pot Maker is a simple wood tool that lets you make seed pots from newspaper. When the time comes to plant the young plants outside, simply put the paper pot in the ground and the newspaper rots away by itself.

Cut newspaper strips approximately 11 inches x 3 inches.

Wrap the newspaper around the base of the wood pedestal leaving about an inch hanging off the side. Fold that extra paper and then push into the wood base, forming a paper cup.

Fill about halfway with potting soil mix and plant 1-2 seeds per pot. Lightly water the seeds and soil to prepare for growth.

I planted some impatiens in several of the newspaper pots under a grow light and am doing a not so very good job of waiting patiently. I won’t deny that I check every day to see if they have sprouted.

Have you ever made newspaper seed pots? Got any tips or experience to share? Are you waiting ‘impatiently’ for spring? What are you growing? I’d love to hear!

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