DIY Miniature Book Keychains & Magnets

Earlier this summer my Mom published her first book! This has been such an amazing journey as we watched and cheered her on. I thought making some miniature book keychains and magnets with her book cover would be a fun way to celebrate this accomplishment. I know some of you have a favorite book that you would love to hang on your keychain too, so I’ve got all the details here for you so you can make miniature book keychains or magnets!

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Many years ago, my Mom inherited a tattered box full of diaries, pictures, newspaper clippings, and pieces of history. That was the beginning.

Treasures of the Tattered Box is the journey taken by the author, Ritchie Hale, as she traveled through 6 states and over 15,000 miles to uncover the life of her Aunt Hallie and how she found the secrets of true joy and fulfillment of life. Often accompanied by her 94-year old+ mother-in-law, Ritchie and Mom H experienced the roller coaster of emotions as they discovered firsthand the events that shaped Hallie’s life and enabled her to live with an ability to say, “Wonderful, Wonderful” even when life was far from perfect.

DIY Miniature Book Keychains & Magnets

Materials Needed

  • Paint Sticks
  • Printed copy of the book cover
  • Glue (gluestick/
  • Clear Protectant Spray
  • Drill
  • Key Chain or Magnet


  • Pick up a paint stick from your local paint store.
  • Resize and print book cover. I printed each cover image 2.4 inches wide.
  • Cut out the printed image and fold along the side binding.
  • Measure the height of your book cover image and draw a line on the paint stick.
  • Use the saw of your choice to cut the paint stick into indvidual pieces.
  • Fold and glue the book cover to each paint stick piece.
  • Spray or cover with a protective coat. You could use Mod Podge, Clear coat protective spray or even a clear varnish. Since you won’t need very much, use whatever clear coat product you have on hand.
  • Drill a small hole in the top corner so you can attach the key chain.
  • For magnets, use a dot of hot glue to attach a magnetic strip or circle on the back of the book.

Gift idea: Print your favorite book cover and create these for your friends and family. Package them in a small mesh gift bag and share them for the holidays.

What is your favorite book that you would use to create these keychains or magnets? I’d love to see how you create these fun wooden books!

Looking for other ways to celebrate your favorite book? Why not turn bricks into books for your outdoor gardens?

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  1. Sharon, what a wonderful idea. If you have any extra I would love to have one to remind me of this great book and of the adventures Ritchie and Hazel enjoyed over the years.

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