DIY Handprint Apron & Curtains

My Mom loves to have her grandkids in her life. She is one of the best Nonnas in the world and is always finding a new way to keep her 10 grandkids close. When the kids were little, she created this DIY Handprint Apron using the kids hand prints, paint and a store-bought apron. She captured a moment in time with paint so she can enjoy her grandkids every time she starts working on her projects even though the kids live miles away.

What a fun, easy way to preserve the kids at this growing stage of their life. Making a handprint apron is a simple project that doesn’t take long, but it will last for years!

DIY Handprint Apron & Curtains

Materials Needed

Acrylic Paint
Paper Towels
Fabric Apron
Paint Pen or Marker
Soap/Water/Paper Towels


Lay the apron out on a covered, flat surface. The paint may bleed through the fabric, so make sure you cover the surface with an old tablecloth or newspaper.

Coat the child’s hand with paint.
You can pour the paint in a pie pan and let the kids place their hand in the paint, or dab it on with a sponge, paint brush or paper towel. It seems to work best to apply the paint to the child’s hand. This keeps them from getting too much paint in globs on their fingers.

apron hand paint

Carefully place the child’s hand flat on the surface of the apron. If you have kids that are older with bigger hands, you may want to plan out where the bigger hands will go first. You can always squeeze in the babies or toddlers but you won’t be able to easily add a teenager’s hand print at the last minute.


The child needs to keep the fingers very still or it will get smudged. Once the paint is on the fabric, you can’t take it back. Help small kids lay it flat and then press all parts of the hand down flat so the paint will be evenly applied.

Allow the paint to dry. Give the paint time to dry before going to the next step.

apron pen

Use a paint pen or marker to write the names, Small children may need help writing their name under their hand, but if you can let them write their own name, it will be even more personal and special. Don’t forget to label the hands. You will easily forget whose hand it is as the kids grow.

Where to find the supplies used in this craft.

You can purchase these supplies at your local craft store or on Amazon. If you purchase at Hobby Lobby, don’t forget to print or use your phone for the weekly coupon.

Handprint Curtains

If you have some white material, you can create curtains to enjoy the handprints in your office. Mom has these DIY handprint curtains hanging where she can enjoy them everyday as she gets her work done.

Have you ever done handprint memories like this? I’d love to hear your favorite memories of preserving the handprints of your children (or grandchildren)!

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