DIY Guitar String Bracelets

If you have an avid guitar player in your family, then you probably have watched them change the strings fairly often. But did you know that those worn-out strings can be turned into beautiful jewelry? You can purchase bracelets online, or you can make your own. This weekend was string-changing time for my guitar-playing daughter, so when she was done, we decided to make our own guitar string bracelets. Here are some tips for those of you ready for this crafty upcycle project.

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DIY Guitar String Bracelets

Materials Needed


This was our first time working with any type of wire to make bracelets, so we learned a lot of things that didn’t work. But we also were successful in creating a few keepers.

We used this youtube tutorial to help us get started on our first bracelet. The only problem is getting it the right diameter so it will fit over your wrist and not dangle too much.

  • For our 2nd bracelet and rings we clipped off the curly ends of the string and then used a simple nail in a piece of wood to hold our top loop.
  • That gave us some resistance so we could braid three strings together.
  • We measured halfway where we wanted a bead to be and then continued braiding the rest of the strings.
  • The end was a bit tricky since we didn’t have any jewelry clasps so we bent it in and used the copper wire to coat and keep the edges from being too sharp.
  • Did this work? In all honesty, not really. The guitar string is very rigid and did not want to bend very easily so we finally tabled this design idea until next time when we have more strings and some jewerly clasps.

At that point, I decided to try a few more rings and use the first easy method where you just loop the string back around itself and then tie it off with copper colored crafting wire.

I decided to make a little bangle with some of the other beads and short pieces of wire that can be used as a backpack or zipper pull.

We did not become experts at making guitar string jewelry, but we did learn alot and came away with some pretty pieces. Now I can’t wait till it’s time for my daughter to restring her guitars again and give me more string to experiment with.

Have you ever tried this? Does it look like something you will try or would you prefer to buy one already made? Here is a link if you want to buy a guitar string bracelet from Amazon.

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