DIY Firestarter Tubes


One of the best parts of the cold, winter months is sitting beside a cozy fire. There’s just nothing quite like the sound and smell of a wood burning stove. We don’t have a fireplace in our house, but we do have a wood burning stove out in our building. When the snow starts to pile up outside, we love to spend time around the stove. The kids get a chance to shoot basketball, we can work on hobby projects and get a break from the house. We are always looking for easy, creative ways to reuse things from our house to make firestarters. Here are the easiest firestarter tubes we have ever made.

DIY Firestarter Tubes

Last year, I showed you how to use dryer lint to make firestarters, but a few days ago, my husband rolled up some newspaper and made these super simple firestarter tubes.

Materials Needed

firestarte- tubes
  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Used Newspapers or Magazines to Burn


  • Simply roll the newspaper or magazine into a tight tube.
  • Slide them inside the toilet paper roll
  • Use next time you need to start your fire

Now we’re ready for the next bout of winter! We’ve got our stack of wood, our stove and plenty of firestarters.


Toilet Paper rolls are good for so many things. Another way we often use them is to make firestarters with dryer lint.

Do you save your toilet paper rolls? Have you used them as firestarters? I’d love to hear your favorite ways to recycle our trash and find another usage opportunity.

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