Christmas Pinecone Ornaments


Are you looking for some simple, ornaments you can make to help decorate for the holidays? Plugin in your hot glue gun, gather your ribbon and get ready to create something beautiful. Here are some super simple DIY Christmas Pinecone Ornaments to share with your friends and family or just keep and hang on your Christmas tree!

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DIY Christmas Pinecone Ornaments

Several years ago, we were driving home from our Florida vacation, we followed a winding dirt road out into the woods of south Alabama. The road was gorgeous and the pine trees were covered with the large pinecones. We started looking around on the ground and found plenty of pinecones just begging to be gathered. So of course, we packed a bag and brought them home with us.

pinecones alabama

Turning these south Alabama pinecones into ornaments was an easy task. We picked up a few Christmas decorations and got started.

If you don’t have pinecones on hand, you can pick up some up at your local craft store or on

Materials Needed

  • Pinecones
  • Glue Gun
  • Christmas Ribbon
  • Beads or Fruit
  • Star or Accent Pieces


Creating these Pinecone Ornaments is a super easy project. Just gather your supplies, plug in your glue gun and start experimenting. The beauty of this project is that each one can take on it’s own personality and be unique. Pick out your first pinecone and get ready to create.


Attach a ribbon for the hanger

You may attach a hook to your pinecone if you want to use that as the hanger on your tree, but we chose to tie on a piece of ribbon instead of the hook. Just tie it around the top point of the pinecone. Feel free to use a bit of glue to secure the ribbon in place.


Add the ribbons

Cut pieces of ribbon about 6 inches long.

pinecones ribbon 1

Fold them in half and glue them around the top of your pinecone.

pinecones ribbon 3

Add Decorative Touches

Glue in beads, fruit, bows, stars or greenery to create the final look for your pinecone ornament.

pinecones in process

Create, Enjoy and Share

Finishing your first pinecone ornament is just the beginning. We now have a half dozen ornaments ready for the holiday season. But we’re not done. The kids are already planning to make some more so we can share them with the rest of our family members and friends.


Have you ever created Christmas ornaments using pinecones? I’d love to see your creations.

pinecones finsihed

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