DIY Baby Sock Ornament

This weekend I pulled out the baby box and found my kid’s baby outfits. It’s hard to believe how little they were when they first came home from the hospital. Several years ago, I realized that their baby socks would be perfect to turn into an easy ornament. With just a few alphabet beads, some floral wire or ribbon, I was able to turn their socks into the most personal memory of their first Christmas.


DIY Baby Sock Ornament

This project only takes about 15 minutes. This craft is super easy and the mess is minimal. Just pull out your baby’s sock from your memory box and create something that will be special every year!

connor baby sock

This idea is not original with me. My Mom took little white socks from when we were small and made our own little stockings to hang on the tree. Each year Mom and Dad would fill them with coins for Christmas morning. When I got married and we started our own Christmas tree, Mom sent me the sock so I could hang it on my tree every year.


Materials Needed



  • Sort through the alphabet beads and spell your child’s name
  • If you are using floral wire, just poke the wire through the edge of the sock and slide on the letter beads.
  • If you are using ribbon, you will need to thread it through a needle and poke it through the sock.
  • Tie off the wire or ribbon and form a small knot on each end.
  • Hang on your Christmas tree and enjoy each year.

I love these three little sock ornaments. They are my favorite ornaments that come out of the Christmas box each year! Have you ever created little sock ornaments? I’d love to see your baby ornaments!

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