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How to Dispose of Junk

Once you’ve started cleaning your house, you may have questions about where to take some of the stuff that you no longer need. If you are wondering where to dispose or donate some of your excess stuff, I’ve got some ideas for you.

dispose of junk

How to Properly Dispose of Junk


If you have clothes that are in good shape with no tears and minimal spots, you can donate them to a thrift store. But be careful about donating clothes that are no longer wearable. Thrift stores are not trash cans. If the clothes are not good enough to actually wear then you shouldn’t donate them.

Thrift stores will usually accept gently used shoes clothes, coats, toys, some household items and furniture..


It is unsafe to simply flush medicine down the toilet. You are not technically even allowed to throw medicines in the trashcan. Depending on what you have or the volume of medicine that you need to discard you will need to find a proper collection site. Check with your local pharmacist or sheriff’s department to find a box that you can drop these medicines and dispose of them properly.


You can usually recycle cardboard in a local dumpster or take them to a recycling center. Depending on the volume of cardboard, you may even be able to get some money out of it. Call your local recycling center to see what their guidelines are for accepting cardboard and boxes. Some recycle centers need you to break the boxes down.

Blankets and bedding:

If you have old blankets that you no longer need, you may be able to donate them to an animal shelter or a local homeless shelter. Call your local animal shelter to see if they are accepting donations of blankets and towels. They often need these to help provide warm bedding for the animals that they house. Call and ask for the requirements before you show up. Many homeless shelters also accept donations of clean bedding for their winter needs.


Disposing of old mattresses is kind of tricky. If the mattress is in good shape, your local thrift store may be able to accept it. However if they are old, stained or ripped you may not be able to donate the mattresses. You will probably have to call your local landfill and take them to the dump. There is typically a charge to take things to the dump. Depending on whether you have service in the county or are a resident, you may be able to have the fee reduced or waived. Call before you show up. The landfill may also be able to accept other furniture that is not good enough to donate.

Recycling old Electronics:

Electronics, computers, TVs and small appliances can sometimes be donated. If they are small enough, you may be able to just put them in a black trash bag and let your trash pick-up take them on the regular day. However if you have large TVs and electronics you may have to take them to the dump. There are occasionally programs that will recycle old computers to be turned into refurbished items for people to use at community colleges. You might check with your local computer store to see if they know of anyone who is accepting old computers for training. There are many places to donate old cell phones. They can sometimes be recycled at and used for domestic violence victims. Check with your school to see if they are collecting used cellphones.

Sensitive Papers:

If you are going through tax documents and financial papers you will not want to just throw them in your trash cans. Either shred them or take them to office store where you can pay a small fee and have them shredded.

How do you dispose of old junk? I’d love to hear!


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