How to Display Your Quilts


Inheriting an heirloom quilt or finishing your first sampler is only the first step in the journey of a quilt. Now you have to decide how to display it so the world can appreciate it and you can enjoy it on a regular basis. I asked some friends how to display your quilts and got some great ideas. Of course, some people just have their quilts stored in a bag in the closet or laid out flat as a guest bed spread.

If you are looking for how to display your quilts, get inspired by these friends and bloggers.

How to Display Your Quilts

Display in a Glass Front Hutch

I love to display quilts my grandmother made me. What better place to keep them than in a glass front hutch my grandmother passed along to me as well. – Mandy B

mandys quilt shelf

Hang with a Curtain Rod

Want to display a quilt but don’t have a fancy display rack? Try a curtain rod like Megan from The Pretty Pickle.

curtain rod display

Make a Rack out of Tobacco Sticks

My friend Kayelynn has her quilt displayed on a quilt rack made out of repurposed tobacco sticks.

tobacco stick quilt rack

For more ideas on how to display quilts in your home, hop over to Pinterest and see how other people are using quilt racks, re-purposed ladders and antique furniture to display their heirloom quilts.

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