Display Family Memories with Canvas Prints

Do you love taking pictures of your family when you are out on adventures? I always have my phone/camera in my hand and snap pictures constantly. Whether we are out exploring the big city like Boston, San Francisco or Chicago, hiking up to a waterfall in Tennessee or walking along the overlooks at the Grand Canyon, I am constantly taking pictures to preserve our memories. Recently I had the opportunity to partner with Collage.com and create a canvas print. Check out the giveaway opportunity at the end of the post and enter to win your own collage.com canvas print.

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Display Family Memories with CANVAS PRINTS

Display Family Memories with Canvas Prints

Creating a canvas picture with Collage.com is an easy process. Just choose the size, upload your image, preview and add to cart!

A few weeks ago we were out exploring Rock Island State Park when I captured this candid moment on the trail.  The picture was not staged, planned or set up;  I just saw the blue skie in the background with my kids all positioned just like so and I snapped the picture with my phone. This is the picture I knew I wanted on my wall in my living room.

Canvas Prints are a beautiful way to display your favorite family memories and remind you of the special moments with the people you love.

Choose the right picture for your canvas print:

Use the full size image. The thing to remember when ordering a canvas image is that it will be large and you need the full resolution. Most smart phones take photos that are perfect but if you typically resize the image for facebook, you may have a grainy photo.

Measure the space. Pick the spot on your wall where you want to hang your photo and measure the space.   You need to know where you will display it so you can choose the best size.

Don’t wait for perfection.  If you wait for the absolutely perfect photo from a professional family shoot, you may never get your canvas print created.  Find a picture you love and then move forward!

Do you have a canvas print in your home? I’d love to see it!

WIN your own Canvas Print

Entering to win your own Canvas print from Collage.com is super simple!  Just leave a comment below and tell me whether you have ever displayed a family memory on a canvas print.  Giveaway ends December 6, 2018 at midnight EST.  US Winner only;  Hobbies on a Budget is not responsible for shipment of the prize code.  It will be shipped by Collage.com.

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  1. Nice Article. I loved your idea of family memories on the canvas, this is the most valuable idea. Could you create the collage of Canvas by using the family memories??

  2. Yes, but it was a professionally done photo of my 2-year old son. Now I have a 2-year old grandson whose photo I woils love to have on a canvas print.

  3. I have never displayed a photo on a canvas print but I would love to get one of my parents to display in our living room.

  4. I haven’t been able to display family memories on canvas yet. I want to make sure the picture will be a good quality, and I have been doing some research. I enjoyed reading about this, and would love to win.

  5. I had a canvas print made of one of my wedding pictures and love it! I’d like to have a family picture done too now that we have kids!

  6. I’ve never had pictures printed on canvas. I’ve always worried the quality of the picture would be dimsinished. We had pictures done for mother’s day & I still haven’t bought prints to hang!

  7. I do not have any of our photos on any canvas! I have a couple of nice pictures from our vacation to Nashville last summer that I would love to hang!

  8. We love canvas prints here. But the only ones we have is of our first son. We have not had any created since the twins were born

  9. I have never had or displayed a picture on canvas, but I have always wanted to. I have seen them and think they are unique and beautiful.

  10. I have never had pictures done on canvas. I have 4 kids and would love a family picture on canvas, plus I would love to gift them to the grandparents! A great idea for the holidays!

  11. We have several canvas prints around the house! It’s my most favorite way to display a photo! When it’s the right photo it brings it to life and makes for the perfect wall art, and often times conversation starter!

  12. I have never had a canvas print of my own, but I have seen one a friend has that looks really nice. This would be great for one of our vacation pictures

  13. Canvas prints are a favorite of mine! I’ve had 3 photos of my kids turned into canvas prints so far. I’d love to have one of my husband with the kids 🙂

  14. Yes I have had a canvas print before and it’s amazing to see hanging on the wall in my living room. Especially inspirational ones.

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