How to Display Christmas Cards


How do you display Christmas Cards? Do you tape them to the fireplace mantle? Around a door frame? on a shelf? In a basket? Getting Christmas Cards in the mail is a highlight of every season, but if you can’t see them, it’s harder to enjoy them. We have traditionally taped them to a door frame so we could see them. But this past year we repainted all the woodwork and trim in our home and really don’t want to have tape on the newly painted surfaces.

Since I still wanted to hang them, I decided to “deck the mini blinds” with our Christmas Cards.

How to Display Christmas Cards

how to deck the blinds

A simple ornament hook in the edge of the card turns any card into a hangable card. Just pop it through the edge and then hook it over the mini blinds on your window. No tape residue and doesn’t take but 30 seconds to go from counter to display.

christmas cards


What to do with Old Christmas Cards

Turn recycled Christmas Cards into an ornament using this tutorial from the Ornament Girl

How do you display and enjoy Christmas Cards? I’d love to hear!

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