Discovering Cardboard Regattas

What hobby sport can you enjoy if you love to build with cardboard and you want to race down a river? No problem! Just find the closest Cardboard Regatta and get signed up!

The rules are simple:

  • participants have to build a vessel entirely from cardboard
  • Paddle it along a beachfront course
  • Make it float! Waterproofing is a top indicator of success

Several months ago I told you about a canoing/pastor/friend who had a personal goal to canoe the Wabash River. Jerry Adamson recently decided to try something new – He entered a local Cardboard Regatta . He didn’t win. Nope! His boat sank within seconds. But it was a great experience for everyone.

I better be careful. My kids might just try to make their own cardboard boat and try to launch it in our backyard pool.

Have you ever seen a race like this? Maybe I should ask if you had ever even heard of this. I sure would like to go watch a cardboard regatta. What a crazy experience!

Picture taken from Grayson County News Gazette

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