Diary of a Jackwagon Review

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Do you ever find that you just need to laugh? Sometimes our family will just sit down, hook up youtube through the TV and pull up some Tim Hawkins comedy clips. We know we can count on Tim Hawkins to deliver clean comedy that makes us all laugh! And now, it’s in a book so we can read and laugh whenever we want! Diary of a Jackwagon is a fun, easy read that pokes fun at life on all levels.


Diary of a Jackwagon

Tim doesn’t make fun of things he doesn’t know. He just sees the quirky side of life that most of us don’t take the time to recognize. Where we might see an everyday, common place event, Tim sees the funny side and takes the opportunity to laugh at the situation.

About the Book

Diary of a Jackwagon is an easy read with each of the 41 chapters just a couple pages long. You can read it in 5 minutes snippets or sit down and enjoy an evening of laughter.

tim-hawkinsIn this wide-ranging, long-awaited book, comedian Tim Hawkins holds forth on everything from family, culture, and music to church, parenting, and education. Readers will enjoy laughing their way through the book, always feeling good about the clean and sometimes inspiring material they are laughing at. Chapters include riffs on marital communication (“marriage needs a challenge flag, like in pro football”) aging (“the diabolical orifice witch hunt”), worship music (“pick the right key, because I’m not Barry White and I’m not a Bee Gee”), and fatherhood (“There are no manuals for parenting. Color-coded warning labels or open-ended prescriptions would be just as helpful.”)

Order Diary of a Jackwagon on Amazon.com or request it at your local library.

Connect with Tim Hawkins on his website, Facebook and Twitter.

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