How to Decorate Your Office on a Tight Budget

Whether you work from home or in a traditional office setting, it is important to create an office space that reflects your personality.  No one likes to work in a cold, sterile environment.  Here are some easy tips to help you decorate your office on a tight budget.

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Surround yourself with things you love:

If you don’t love it in your home.  Get rid of it!   The same thing should be true in your office as well.  Stop for a minute and look at your office.  Do you love flowers?  Have children or a dog that make you smile?  Do you enjoy a cup of coffee in a special cup?  Then make sure you put those things in your office.  You will spend a lot of time in this office space.  Make sure you surround yourself with the things that you love so you will actually enjoy being there!

Clean out the extra clutter around you:

Whether you are moving into a new office or are in the same place you’ve been for years, chances are that there are things cluttering up the space.  Are there broken chairs in the corner?  Do you have dusty file boxes on the bottom of a cabinet?  Are there old coffee mugs or empty tissue boxes.  Take some time to clean out the clutter so you can have a fresh space to work.  Invest a little time in dusting the shelves with some furniture polish to give your office a bit of sparkle.

Get up and Move

One of the worst things about working in an office is the amount of time many people spend sitting.  It doesn’t take a big budget to give you some options in your work space for movement and physical activity.  For under $40.00 you can purchase a treadmill desk if you have access to exercise equipment in your workplace. No treadmill?  No problem.  You can create a stand up desk for just a few bucks by using a small shelf, stool or even empty file boxes.

surfshelf on treadmill

There are stress balls, hand exercisers and even foot pedals that help you get some exercise from your desk.  Take a few minutes and explore the possibilities for budget-friendly tools that will help you stay healthy in your workspace.

Share a Fresh Scent:

Do you love fresh flowers?  Stop by your local farmers market or grocery and pick up some fresh cut flowers.  Or better yet, spend a little bit of money on an indoor garden that is soil free.  These indoor gardens come with grow lights so you can enjoy fresh flowers at any desk.

If you have the option to burn a candle, then find your favorite scent and spruce up your workspace with your favorite aromas.  Or use a candle warmer in place of an actual flame. There are many options that don’t cost a lot of money that will let you create an inviting source of smells in your office.

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  1. I think having the kids and family make a piece of art for you to put in your office is a cool idea.Then you have something that reminds you of them while you are toiling away. That and some goofy photos on the wall.

  2. Add some different lighting to change the mood, along with different light bulbs depending upon one’s taste.

  3. I love dollar stores and thrift stores to find stuff for my office. There are so many things you can redecorate to make it into something new and awesome!

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