How to Create a Wreath for All Seasons

I am a pretty basic person when it comes to home decor and prefer the ‘less is more’ approach. Although I love having a pretty wreath on my front porch and garage door, I hate the idea of making or buying a new wreath each time the seasons change and love the idea of a simple wreath that I can update each season. Here are some tips to help you create a wreath for all seasons using simple supplies and ribbons.

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Create a Wreath for All Seasons

Supplies Needed

Making a wreath can be as simple as you decide, but there are basic supplies that most people use.

If you plan to make multiple wreaths, the Surebonder Glue Skillet is a game changer. Just heat up the glue pellets and dip your floral stems into the glue skillet.

  • Ideal tool for items such as floral supplies that bond easiest when dipped directly into melted adhesive
  • Easy power switch enables temps to adjust to 225 to 400 degrees F to effectively connect both porous and non-porous materials
  • Compact size and one-inch glue depth enable easy prep, usage, cleaning and storage
  • Use over and over without cleaning by simply re-heating solidified glue
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Basic Burlap Wreath

Burlap ribbon is a great material to use to make two different wreaths that can be switched out for each season. You can use the traditional wire wreath frame using the bubble technique to make your wreath. It’s not rocket science to create a bubble-style burlap wreath. Just push several inches of the burlap through the first ring of the wreath. Twist and move to the next ring. Continue adding in more of the burlap as you move around the wireframe.

Use floral wire or pipe cleaners to tie off the burlap when you first start.

Evergreen Wreath

A second way to create a wreath for all seasons is to use a frame and cover with evergreen that you typically use at Christmas. I wanted a large wreath for my front porch and didn’t have a wireframe large enough. So I used an extra quilt hoop that I wasn’t using. You could also use a sturdy hoop or any other circular frame. Once you have the frame covered with greenery, you can use the burlap to wrap loosely around the wreath. This gives you the base for your seasonal wreath.

Add a Bow

Every wreath needs a large bow. I made one out of a simple burlap chevron print and another out of the matching tan burlap. You can use a navy blue for the patriotic season or a holiday print for December. Just attach it with a pipe cleaner so you can switch it out for each season.

If you don’t feel comfortable making a bow on your own, you can order a simple product called the Bowdabra that will help you create a professional-looking bow. From birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and holiday decorations, from patriotic bows to gift-wrapping and home décor, you can make amazing professional bows in simple steps, as easy as 1-2-3.

You simply use the provided bow wire and then layer the ribbon through the plastic Bowdabra gadget. When you have it as full as you want, you tie a knot and fluff out each layer of the ribbon to create the perfect bow!

Add a Monogram Initial

For just a couple of dollars, you can pick up a wooden letter to attach to your wreath. Paint it a neutral color and attach it with hot glue and you have the basis for a personal wreath. Now you are ready to update it each season!

Paint a wooden letter to add to your wreath

Decorate for each season

Some people think wreaths need elaborate makeovers for each season but have you thought about how simple it can be to switch out themes?

  • Use seasonal garland: You can pick up patriotic garland and just wrap it around your wreath with some small red/white/blue flags
  • For spring or summer, you can use simple butterflies or little seasonal birds and windmill toys
  • Add Christmas ornaments or small stuffed toys for the theme

How do you decorate with wreaths on your porch? Do you do a new wreath each season or just update as you go? I’d love to hear your fun, easy tips!

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