A Dagger in Time Book Review

My daughter is up to her ears in books! Today she is reviewing a book called A Dagger In Time. The neat thing about this book is that the author is a personal friend of Natalie’s aunt who heard about how much she is loving to read and review books. The author Joan Hunsaker sent us a copy of these books so we could share what we think about them.


A Dagger in Time Book Review

A Dagger in Time is about 3 kids who move into a new house and discover a trunk in the attic. There is a loose board and they use the dagger they find in the trunk to pop it up. They end up transporting back in time to 1810. When they get there, they get to solve a problem and help Sir William.

This story is good for girls and boys ages 9 and up. I think even boys would like the book because it wasn’t just girls as the main characters. This was an adventure story and is a fun book to read. I think the cover made me feel like this was going to be a boyish book but since the characters were girls and boys, it was good for both.

The beginning of the book has a character profile for each of the 3 main characters. This was very helpful to know who the characters were before you actually start the story.

Imagine exploring your attic and finding a trunk that isn’t what it seems. The trunk is actually a portal to another time. This is what happens to 12 year old Tyler, 11 year old Hailey and 8 year old Megan when they move into a new home. The children pry up a loose board in the bottom of an old trunk and are catapulted back through time to 1810. That is just the beginning! The children embark upon a journey that will lead them on an adventure of a lifetime.

About the Author

The author Joan Hunsaker has been a personal friend of my sister-in-law’s Mother, Barbara for many years. She shared this about her friend and author Joan:

Joan Hunsaker is a military wife, mother of 3 and grandmother of 5. I have known Joan since the 80’s where we met at Ft. Campbell. She loved writing even then. Only after her children were grown and gone from home did she pursue having her books published. She is also a very talented artist and I have one of her pictures hanging in the boys room here in my home. Sweet lady and precious friend. God blessed her with many talents.

Joan’s books are in school libraries across the country and have been added to the school’s AR list in some districts.

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Get ready for summer reading!

With school ending this week, it’s time to help your kids get ready for their Summer Reading Challenges. This is a great book to add to the summer schedule!

You can order both books from Amazon or request them at your local library.
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