How to Enjoy Cut Peonies without the Ants

I love peonies. Whether you call them pee-oh-nees or pee-a-nees, these cluster flowers are beautiful. I have a pink Peony that came from my Grandma on one side of our driveway and a white Peony that came from my husband’s grandmother on the other side. Peonies will keep blooming for many years with very little work. But they have one major problem. Peonies and ants often go together. So how can you enjoy cut peonies without the ants?


How to Enjoy Cut Peonies without the Ants

I did a little searching online this past week when the Peonies were in full bloom because I wanted to bring them inside.


I discovered that if you dip the cut flowers upside down in cold water for about 30 minutes, you will get rid of the ant problem and the Peonies will still be beautiful. I tested it and it worked for me!

peonies in water

How do you solve the ant problem with your cut Peonies? I’d love to hear!

I love the flowers in our backyard. I regularly take pictures of them and share them here on my Flower Journal 2014. I’d love to have you join me in my online look at the things blooming here in Kentucky!

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