Cumberland Falls after the Rain


One of the most famous natural attractions in the state of Kentucky is Cumberland Falls in Corbin, Kentucky. Known as the Niagara of the South, this 125 foot wide waterfall is definitely one of our favorite places to hike and explore. Typically when we visit Cumberland Falls, we enjoy the beautiful white water and spray from the Falls. But when we visited today after some heavy rains in Kentucky, we saw the Falls like we’ve never seen before.

Cumberland Falls after the Rain

Typically, this is what Cumberland Falls looks like:

Cumberland Falls State Park

But this is what we saw on our recent visit.

See that viewing platform in the corner in the picture below? Typically, we stand down there for the best pictures! But, not today!

We have walked through this gate many times and stood beside the railings that you can barely see out in the water.

I love going back to the same place with the family over the span of many years. Though we’ve been here dozens of time, it’s always neat to go explore the overlooks again.

There was water everywhere, but that didn’t stop us from creating memories and having an adventure!

Have you visited Cumberland Falls? What is your favorite time to see the Falls? I’d love to hear!

Cumberland Falls State Resort ParkMcCreary County & Whitley County, Kentucky, United States

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