Crocheting the Chevron Afghan

Crocheting an Afghan is a lot like baking biscuits. Everybody has their own particular recipe that works perfect for them. Many times these recipes are handed down from one generation to the next. If you ask someone how to make biscuits, you’ll get 100 different versions. But they all include the same basic ingredients – flour, milk, Crisco, etc.

It’s the same thing when you crochet an afghan. The numbers may be different. The patterns vary. The colors change. But the concepts are still the same. My 98 year old Grandma crocheted many afghans in her lifetime but her favorite was the chevron pattern. Here is how to crochet the chevron afghan using the Hazel Hale version.

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Crocheting the Chevron Afghan

Grandma Hale chained her first row, then began her mountains and valleys. She did 7 single crochets, then added three in the top. Chain 7 down the mountain and then skips two at the bottom. You just keep going up and down till you reach the end. On the last one, you go through both yarn pieces for two more, chain one and then turn.

Did you get all that? Me either! That’s why I constantly had to go see Grandma again to get a refresher course on how to make my turns. Now that I’m trying to crochet another chevron afghan again, I’m so thankful that I have all the memories of us working together.

sharon and grandma crochet afghan
Sharon & Grandma 2013

Here is a youtube tutorial to help you figure out the chevron afghan pattern.

The Colors Change

Through the years, the colors changed but the pattern stayed the same. I’m trying to count up how many afghans she made over the past 80 years, but so far I can’t begin to number them. She created afghans for grandkids, great-grandkids, family members, friends, wedding/anniversary presents and any other occasion where she needed a special gift.

chevron afghan colors

Never Done

Every time I would visit Grandma, she would proudly show me a new batch of yarn – all ready to begin the next afghan.

This pattern is my favorite because this is the one I’ve grown up with. This Chevron pattern afghan is the one that Grandma taught me on my first attempt at crocheting.

I remember the Florida road trip back in 1996 with my Mom and my Grandma. I was ready to learn how to crochet. Grandma helped me start the afghan and then helped me through the rough first rows. She gave me the same advice that her mom gave her – “Do it right or take it out!” It’s never fun to unravel rows of stitches, but it’s true. If it’s not right, then you’ll never be happy with it.

If you are ready to start crocheting an afghan, better make sure you have a bag to keep your yarn and hook corraled! I love this travel tote from Mountain Khakis! It’s strong, portable and just about perfect!

Market Tote from Mountain Khakis

I love the memories and the treasures that Grandma Hale has created that will last for many lifetimes. Do you have similar memories with crocheted afghans? What’s your favorite pattern or memory? I can’t wait to hear!

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