Cricut Mug Designs with Color Mugs

Have you been using your Cricut Mug Press all year to create custom designs for your friends and family? The original Cricut mugs were solid white but now you can order sublimation mugs with colored handles and insides. This opens up so many fun options for designs and gifts. Here are a few of the gifts I’ve created using the color mugs with the Cricut Mug Press and infusible ink along with some possible combinations to get you thinking about your own projects!

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Cricut Mug Designs with Color Mugs

The color sublimation set comes in 6 different colors which offer lots of options for mix and match combinations. When you are planning what to use with each color, don’t settle for the first option. Feel free to branch out a bit and try new combos.

Tip: If you are unsure what the infusible ink is going to look like after it has baked in the Mug Press, cut off a very small part and heat it under an Easy Press, and test the color. Since the infusible ink always darkens with heat, you may want to see the finished product before using it on your color mugs.

When I think about my next mug creation, I am very influenced by the music I listen to or the books I am reading.

As I was reading the Anne series, I created the Anne of Green Gables-inspired mug and used the Retro Marble with the baby blue color mug. I love the way the marble complements the interior color of the mug.

For the Cain the Band mug collection, I used lime green, dark blue, and deep red (maroon) cups.

After my daughter and I attended a Jeremy Camp concert a few weeks ago, I had the song “Keep Me in the Moment” stuck on my repeat in my head and on my phone. So I pulled out the bright red color mug and the Bright Triangles Infusible Ink to create this mug.

In all honesty, I think the words are a little too busy for this pattern, but I do love the way the colors worked together. I want to do another mug with this same combo and less text.

Have you tried the color sublimation mugs yet? What color combinations would you like to try? I’d love to see your creations!

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