Creative Ideas to Build Memories with your Kids

Kids grow fast. Some days it almost feels like you can look at your children and see them growing up right in front of your eyes. That’s why it is so important to make memories every single day. If you are looking for some new ideas to build memories with your kids, I’ve got some great options for you. Some of these ideas are absolutely free and others cost a little bit of money but no matter what your budget these are some fun ways to create memories that last.

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Creative Ideas to Build Memories with your Kids

Get Outside

One of the most simple but often overlooked ways to make memories with your kids is to just get outside and spend time together. Whether you ride your bikes around the neighborhood, have a water gun fight, or camp in your own backyard, getting outside together builds memories.

Pop Darts

Popdarts are suction darts that stick to smooth surfaces such as countertops, windows, car windshields, and glass doors. The compact sets can be played wherever you go, indoors or outdoors. This is a game you can even play on your kitchen table with family of any age. The rubber darts fit in the mesh carry bag making this a perfect game to take with you where you are heading out on an adventure or staying home.

Gift Idea: Got a kid heading off to college? This would be a great addition to the dorm!

Family Challenge Book

The Adventure Challenge is a mystery scratch-off book with 50 creative adventures…the catch? You don’t know what you’re doing until you scratch it off! Each adventure is designed to explore outside your habits, dive deeper into your relationship, and make meaningful memories. Once it’s scratched off, you HAVE to do it. 

Family Adventure Challenge

Send a Postcard

Give your kids a book of postcards that encourages communication through drawing, doodling, collaging, and writing on postcards—the most economical way to send a letter. Each postcard prompt will offer a new idea and connect family members for just the cost of a stamp. Make someone’s day and give them a little door into your art and heart.

Buy the Postcard Project: 52 Weeks of Art Journaling via Snail Mail

Game Night

Pull out your favorite board games, cards, or blocks and have some friendly family competition. Whether you are playing Chutes & Ladders, Rook or Pit, there are classic games for all ages. Pull out the games you loved as a kid or introduce something new like Buildzi.

Bake Cookies

There’s nothing quite like the taste of a homemade cookie so pull out all the ingredients for your favorite recipe and get baking.

Decorate Cookies

Skip the baking and give the family a chance to channel their inner pastry chef with Color My Cookie sets. There are lots of themes to choose from such as “Boo!” for Halloween, “Fun In The Sun” for summertime, “Love Is In The Air” for Valentine’s Day, “Superhero Comic” or “On the Farm“. These paint-your-own tasty cookie sets from Color My Cookie come pre-iced with edible watercolors and sprinkles, making them the perfect place for your creativity.

Each set includes six cookies to decorate, an Edible palette with edible watercolors, icing, sprinkles, & edible glitter, two paint brushes, and cups for the water and sprinkles.

The fun of decorating is only matched by the competition as we all tried to outdo each other. Which one do you think turned out the best?

Order your Color My Cookie Set today.

Shredded Paper Fight

I’ve not always ‘gotten it right’ as a Mom but I do have some moments that stick out as Mom-Win moments. This picture right here is one of those moments I love to remember. I needed to clean out a file cabinet and shred some old financials so I turned it into a fun memory. Instead of just throwing the shredded paper in the trash, the kids and I had a “snowball fight”. I let them throw, toss and play with the shredded paper while I was working and we had such fun. Sometimes making memories with the kids involves serious planning but sometimes fun and memories happen in the normal, mundane moments of life.

How are you building memories with your kids? Got any fun ideas or tips for making the most of each moment? I’d love to hear!

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