Creating Storage with New Bathroom Cabinets

Finding storage space in a new bathroom is sometimes a problem. When we moved into this house a few months ago, one of the things we immediately noticed was the lack of cabinets or closets in our master bathroom. All we had for storage was the cabinet area under the sink. Installing a full closet or linen closet was not a feasible option, so we did the next best thing. Creating Storage with new bathroom cabinets was a great way to make the most of our new bathroom layout.


Creating Storage with New Bathroom Cabinets

We had a huge bucket of ‘stuff’ that needed a new home. Plus, we needed a place for toilet paper, towels, and wash cloths. I love to stock up on toiletries, shampoos and toothpaste when I can find them on sale, but if I can’t find the products when we need them, then we still have to go out and buy more stuff. I needed to get organized.


We first looked at our existing space to see what storage options would best fit. We knew that there was plenty of wasted real estate above the toilet so a cabinet for that wall was a definite. We also had a small space behind the door that would be perfect for a vertical cabinet.

We ordered two cabinets from Decolav, got out the basic tools needed to install a cabinet and started working.

shelf tools_tn

The cabinet that goes above the toilet was a simple installation. The cabinet came fully assembled and ready to hang. We drilled a few pilot holes, installed the anchors and hung the cabinet above the toilet.

shelf with tools_tn

The space behind the door was perfect for a tall, vertical cabinet. This would give me space to organize the towels and keep the toothbrushes and extra toiletries accessible for the family.


One really nice feature about these cabinets is a magnet that keeps the doors from slamming. When you close the drawer or cabinet, it will go halfway and then slowly close the rest of the way.

Installing the Handles

The cabinets come with the handles on the inside of the drawers and doors. You simply unscrew them and switch the handles to the proper side.

shelf drawer_tn

How have you been creating storage in your bathroom? Have you installed cabinets above the toilet? Added a new shelf or extra hooks on the back of the door? I’d love to hear your storage solutions for your bathroom!

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