Feeding Worms: Creating Compost

I’ve got a new pet. In fact I have hundreds of them. Thanks to EarthEasy, I’m responsible for feeding hundreds of worms in an effort to create some amazing compost for next spring. If you know me at all, you know I love working in my flower gardens so this is a fun new adventure to use a Worm Factory to create compost.


Feeding Worms: Creating Compost

We received the Worm Factory Composter a few weeks ago in the mail. Starting the first tray was not difficult, but I wanted to follow the directions exactly to increase the odds of success for this new adventure.

worm 1_tn

I pulled out all the pieces and began assembling the different components for the starter tray. The Worm Factory includes all the starter packs to help you be successful.

The Worm Factory is an upward expandable tray system. Once the worms eat through all the material in the bottom tray, I will add a 2nd tray. The worms will crawl up and continue to process each layer so that in a few months I will have an ongoing supply of fresh compost.

compost first tray

Worm Factory Setup on Make A Gif

make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

Once you mix all the included ingredients, you are ready to let it sit and get ready for your live worms. Yes! The Worm Factory includes a voucher so you can request live worms in the mail. It took about 3 days to receive my worms for the Compost tray. Once they arrive, you open the bag and dump them in the tray you have been preparing for them.


I was concerned about them escaping and getting all over my garage. So even though I started them next to my recycle bucket for cans, when I received the live worms I took them out to my barn for a few days so they would get comfortable in their new environment. Now that they have been there about a week or so, they are not trying to escape over the edge. I will bring the Worm Factory back into the garage before the weather drops to freezing.

compost and recycle in garage_tn

About the Worm Factory Composter

worm factory 360

The Worm Factory Composter makes it easy to recycle your kitchen scraps and paper. Worms work 24/7 turning household waste into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Designed to expand vertically, the Worm Factory 360 houses thousands of worms, allowing a high composting capacity in a very small footprint.

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  1. I want to compost. My husband and I eyed a composter but then decided “no”.
    I just need to do something like this. Win one or go out and buy one without asking him first (hmm, the latter would get me in hot water).

  2. I do not compost but I have been very interested in starting. Winning this awesome countertop composter would definitely inspire me to get started.

  3. I already compost but right now I save my compost in a plastic butter tub. Would love something a little nicer on the counter 🙂

  4. I do compost and use an uncovered cut off milk jug to store compost items in the house in. The ceramic keeper would be awesome.

  5. Yes I compost and my tip would be to have a container right in the kitchen for scraps then take it out to the pile. I would LOVE a worm farm I have had it on my list forever!

  6. I do compost, but I just keep a bucket in my fridge. This would be much more convenient! Composting is free and great for your soil!

  7. My mom Compost and I’m trying to win for her. I would but I live in an apartment and cant have anything like this but she would love to add another on to her mini farm.

  8. We compost using a round barrel that should be spun once a week. With our unit, you need to make sure you add 2 parts brown (ashes, straw, cardboard, etc) to 1 part green (grass clippings, veggie scraps, egg shells, etc).

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