Crafting Hats for Babies in Lexington

All three of my children were born at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington, KY. When they were born, they were all given little hats with pom-poms. These hats are stored carefully away in their baby memory box as part of their personal history. I had heard that the hats were made by a nurse but didn’t know the story. Crafting Hats for Babies is a great way that someone is making a difference.

Crafting Hats for Babies in Lexington


Earlier this week I called Central Baptist and tracked down the story.

The Hat Fairy
There is a nurse lovingly known as the “Hat Fairy” who personally makes 4,500 of these hats every year. She started out over 30 years ago doing rotations on the maternity floor where each nurse was taught and expected to make some hats while on their shift. As time moved on, the responsibility for making these hats for the newborns started to shift. When the “Hat Fairy” realized that no one else really wanted to make the hats, she took it as her personal responisiblity and started filling a need.

For 30 years, this special nurse has taken this as her personal ‘free-time’ job. She makes over 500 holiday themed hats each year in addition to the 4,500 regular hats.

What an amazing way to influence families!

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  1. That’s too cool! I love hearing and being able to find and share stories like this! Hopefully the Hat Fairy will read this eventually and see how she has influenced so many families!

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