10 Cool Gifts for Tween Boys

Have you ever tried to shop for a boy between the age of 10-12? Finding something that will make them say “cool” is almost impossible. It happens every year about a month before Christmas and birthdays, the aunts and grandmas start calling to see what is the boy into now? Most Moms of boys this age just scratch their head and tell you with a definite answer – “I have no idea what he wants!”. For those of you who are searching to find the perfect gift, here are the top 10 cool gifts for tween boys.

10 cool gifts for Tween Boys

For those of you looking for cool gift ideas for tween girls, just hop over to see these ideas from Dawn on Cheap is the New Classy!


Whether the boy is into sports, video games or survival, we’ve got a wide range of gift ideas. You can find each of these gifts on Amazon or at most local stores. Let this list be the starting point for your ideas. Then once you get your brain moving, you’ll be able to come up with something amazing to wow this difficult age.

What other cool gift ideas for tween boys do you have? I know money is always received well and iTunes cards are usually a hit! I’d love to hear your other ideas!

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