Clip On Accessories to Keep you Safe & Healthy

We live in a world where we are always conscious about touching surfaces, picking up germs or staying out of danger. There are some simple clip on accessories that we can all add to our purses, backpacks and school bags that are designed to help us stay healthy and safe. Hopefully these products will help us all take steps to keep enjoying life.

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Clip On Accessories to Keep you Safe & Healthy

Grip Guard

If you are like me, you typically use your sleeve to stretch down and help you open a door without touching the handle. But there are products that make this problem easier and help protect you and your sleeve. Grip Guard attaches to your belt loop, purse or backpack with an easy retractable cord so you can use it at every door. There is also an extension that allows you to enter pin numbers or sign credit card readers without touching pens or buttons.

Hand Sanitizer

All of us should have hand sanitizer ready for personal use multiple times a day. Use fun silicon holders from local stores or take it up a notch with these leather Hand Sanitizer Holders (currently available in five colors – Creme, Blush, Coffee, Eucalyptus, and Navy). Each holder includes a 1oz. bottle to keep filled with your favorite hand sanitizer.

Purse/Bag Holder

Now more than ever before, we are all conscious of keeping our purse and bag off the floor. Simply use the  Clipa Purse Holder  as a bracelet or loop it on your purse so you can hang your purse whenever you need to take it off your person.

Purse Alarm

Attach a purse alarm to your purse or bag. Simply pull the pin to activate the Personal Alarms while insert the pin in to stop. I’ve tested mine several times to make sure the pin was secure enough to not activate if I simply drop my keys.

Chapstick Holder

A friend of mine gave me a neoprene chapstick holder that I keep attached to my purse. As the weather changes, protect your lips and keep your chapstick easly accessible.

Do you keep any clip ons attached to your purse or bag? What are your essentials that you keep to help you with your everyday life? I’d love to hear!

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