5 Tips for Cleaning with Vinegar

I’m not particularly green. I do the basics like recycle the cardboard boxes we accumulate, reuse the plastic grocery bags we get and repurpose old t-shirts into rags. But when I hear people talking about the chemicals in our cleaning agents or the byproducts in our food, I usually just don’t pay too close attention. But recently I’ve been doing some research on the benefits of going green with my cleaners and have 5 tips for cleaning with vinegar.

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5 Tips for Cleaning with Vinegar

Recently, my kids have been helping me clean the bathroom and house more often and I’m noticing a few more things. By the time we finish cleaning our bathroom, we have used several different cleaners. The house definitely has a clean smell, but the chemical smells are a little overwhelming. So a few weeks ago I decided it was time to try Heinz Cleaning Vinegar!

I pulled out my cleaning supplies and noticed that they were all getting a little low and my mop looked really nasty. So I decided this was a good time to try an experiment. I have been hearing alot of hype about Heinz Cleaning Vinegar. Since I needed a new mop and new cleaning supplies, this was perfect.

cleaning with vinegar

I grabbed my list and headed to Walmart. This new Heinz Cleaning Vinegar must be really good. They were completely out! I even asked the Walmart employee.

She checked the inventory and said they have ordered more but it might be October 7 before it gets in. I decided to just make do with what I had and wait a few days to see if this stuff was a good as advertised.

But I figured I’d go ahead and grab the cleaning supplies I needed while I was there.  I would just put it in the utility room till I could find the real Cleaning Vinegar. (This is a great excuse to procastinate! I can brag that I bought some great cleaning supplies but not have to really use them yet! Win-Win!)

We headed over to the cleaning supplies aisle and found several ecofriendly alternatives to my normal cleaning list. I found reusable wipes for $1.98! Normally I would buy a 3 pack of paper towels for about $2.00. So I’m game to try these out instead.

cleaning with vinegar

I found a new mop, a Magic Eraser, a great doo-dad to clean my mini-blinds and I was ready to head home and…not clean today!

After I waited a little while, I decided it was time to get serious about cleaning this house – the green way! So off we went to Walmart to see if the Heinz Cleaning Vinegar had been restocked!

And this time we were in luck!  There was plenty of Heinz Cleaning Vinegar.
There were no excuses this time.

Cleaning with Vinegar Results

I filled up my new reusable spray bottle and tackled the mini blinds first. The little Fuzzy Wuzzy scrub worked really well. I simply sprayed the blinds with the vinegar and then wiped the slats.

cleaning with vinegar

Then I moved to the mirrors. Just like advertised on the vinegar tip sites, the mirror is streak free!

cleaning with vinegar

When I was in high school working for a foodchain, we would often use vinegar to run through the coffee and teapot. Then we would swish around a few cubes of ice and the pots would be shiny -inside and out.

I was able to clean the counters – especially around the coffee pot and tackled the floors. Now, I just have to quit working on the computer so I can go scrub down the rest of my house with vinegar. I love the fact that I don’t have to turn on the vent and open all the windows just because I’m cleaning house.

Tips from Heinz

Heinz has a whole list of uses for vinegar in your house.

From the Heinz website:

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is a safe, versatile cleaner that can be used throughout your home. It’s made from sun-ripened grain and crystal-clear water, so it’s safe for cooking and perfect for cleaning. Formulated with special cleaning strength, Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is a cost-effective alternative to harsh cleaners and chemicals.

Vinegar can be used to clean floors, bathrooms, coffee pots, fan blades and more. If Heinz Cleaning Vinegar can do all this, then I need to get used to the smell and get rid of all my other chemicals. Why would I want to continue to use so many different ingredients and chemicals that are harmful and expensive, when I can clean my entire house with one product that cost less than $3.00.

My opinion

I haven’t decided yet if I will be able to switch out my entire cleaning cabinet and replace it with cleaning vinegar, but at least I’m on the right track. I’m questioning my typical cleaning routine and working on ways to become more green. I’ll check back in with you in a few weeks and let you know how my quest to clean green is going!

Do you clean with vinegar? Got any tips or experiences you want to share? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I make pretty much all of my cleaning supplies. I make laundry detergent, daily shower spray, window cleaner, and then use just regular
    “green” options for the rest. We don’t use any paper towels – just rags and we have a couple of microfiber cloths. Baking soda and vinegar are a cleaner’s best friends. Keep up the quest!!

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