Cleaning up Litter on our Fishing Trip

Our family enjoys going out to Cedar Creek Lake to spend time together fishing. There’s just nothing more relaxing than standing on the bank, watching the sun filter through the tress and see the clouds reflecting in the water. But the one thing that really bothers us is when we look around all the beauty and see where other fisherman have just left their trash all over the bank. We typically toss a few extra trash bags in our tackle box so we can pick up some of the trash when we are done fishing.


Cleaning up Litter on our Fishing Trip

I am always amazed at how much trash gets left on the side of lakes, rivers and ponds. On one of our recent fishing trips, I spent more time putting the worm and crickets on my hook than I did actually catching fish so I had plenty of time to look around the bank. I saw coke cans, chip bags, containers for worms, bait and of course plenty of beer bottles. After we finished fishing, we took 10 minutes to gather up some of the trash. It didn’t take us that much extra time and made just a bit of a difference in the environment.

trash pickup

Even when my husband and sons go fishing, they take the time to make sure they pack up all their trash plus a bit more. This is just something that we try to do on each of our adventures out in nature.


We want others who come after us to be able to enjoy this beautiful lake without all the extra garbage. Cedar Creek Lake is located right outside Stanford, Kentucky. This 762 acres lake is a popular fishing spot for largemouth bass, black crappie, panfish, channel catfish with 3 boat ramps and plenty of shoreline access surrounding the lake. There are plenty of pull off spots where you can pull off and fish off the bank.


Do you ever pick up trash when you are out in nature? I’d love to hear how you do something good for the world around us – not because we have to, but because it’s just the right thing to do!

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