6 Tips to Keep a Clean Home

Most people would agree that cleaning your house is not the most exciting thing on your to-do list each day. But those same people would probably say that having a clean house is important. So how do you keep a house clean without spending your entire life picking up? Here are a few basic tips to help us keep a house looking clean without devoting every waking moment to cleaning.

6 Tips to keep a clean home

6 Tips to Keep a Clean Home

Do a periodic thorough cleaning:

If you spend time at least once or twice a month doing a deep clean, then you can get by with spot cleaning the rest of the time. Plan some time to get in and scrub the toilets, showers and sinks. Empty out the entire refrigerator and clean from top to bottom. Clean the baseboards and do a thorough dusting of ceilings. This cleaning time is not going to be quick but if you do it right, then the rest of the month you can get by with the instant clean tips.

Keep a clutter free surface:

In our house we have a kitchen island that is my clutter free surface. No matter what is on the other surfaces, I want that area to be my clean zone. Designate a place in your house that is off limits to junk so you will always have at least one place in your home that is clean and clutter free.

Never leave a room empty handed:

If you have to run downstairs to check on something, grab a book that goes on the shelf in that room. Heading toward the laundry room to change the clothes? Pick up a dirty sock to toss in the basket. Train your family to do the same thing. By picking up one thing every time you leave a room, you will have less clutter in your home.

Have a 15 Minute Blitz:

No matter how young your children are, they can get involved in a 15 minute blitz. Set the timer on the microwave and turn it into an all-out frenzy of cleaning. Everyone can be running around picking up shoes, hanging up coats or tossing trash.

Cleaning isn’t only the Mom’s Job: Our kids are experts at clearing the table after dinner. They know that we expect them to put away the food, scrape the plates and take out the trash. The whole family can get involved in daily cleaning jobs. Whether you have regular family chores or just assign random tasks that each person can do is up to you. But make sure the kids grow up knowing that cleaning the house is a family responsibility.

Have the right tools handy:

If you have high ceilings you will probably want to keep a long handled broom or duster to knock off cobwebs or clean the ceiling fan. Keep window cleaner and disinfectant sprays in each bathroom to make wiping down the mirrors and toilet seat a quick task. You aren’t going to feel like sweeping the floor if you can’t ever find your dustpan. Sometimes it’s worth buying a 2nd bottle of cleaner so you don’t have to tote it from one room to the next. Think about the tools you need to do a quick clean and then make sure you have them where you need them.

6 Tips to keep a clean home

Clean what you see first:

Take a minute and stand in your front door. Look around and pretend you are seeing your home for the first time. What do you see? What surfaces or furniture catch your attention first? Those are the places you should focus on cleaning. Once you tackle those areas, you can expand your cleaning.

What are your tips for keeping a clean, clutter free house? I’d love to hear!

Personal Tip:

Make sure you pick up the right product for the job! Not like I did last week when I went to dust my cabinets.


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