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Phrases that Tie Us to Stuff

Have you looked through your house recently? I mean, have you really looked at the stuff in your home? If you’re like me, you have totes of stuff, cabinets stuffed with more stuff, and a garage full of even more of that same stuff. Why do we keep so much stuff? It’s not like we use it on a regular basis. In fact, most of us don’t even really know what all is being stored. It’s time to clean clutter out of our life! I started thinking about phrases that we tell ourselves that keep us tied to stuff.

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Phrases that Tie Us to Stuff

  1. I might need it later.
  2. It’s old (and that means valuable)
  3. I might lose weight.
  4. It belonged to somebody special.
  5. It’s too good to throw away.
  6. The kids loved (it) so much.
  7. I paid so much money for it.
  8. I hate to toss it in the landfill.

There’s nothing wrong with having stuff. After all, this stuff is often the things that connect us to previous generations, help us remember the fun times and allows us to be prepared for the future. The problem is when we let the stuff take over our life.

But rather than telling us how valuable things are or saving stuff because we paid so much money, maybe we need to be asking different questions.

What questions should we be asking instead?

  • Do I love it?
  • Do I use it?
  • Do I need it?

If I don’t need it/love it/use it…

  • Can I sell it?
  • Should I donate it?
  • Is it broken and need to go in the trash?

Recently I’ve been on a mission to figure out what is important and what needs to go. I’ve been selling a few things on eBay, donating things to thrift store and simply tossing things that are broken. I’ve shared some tips in the past about how to clean out the clutter and get rid of excess stuff.

Clean out the Clutter

Tips to Help you Conquer the Clutter

Tips to Help You Conquer Clutter

4 Benefits of Organization

Are you using any of these phrases to tie you to stuff? Are you working to clear out some of the excess baggage in your life? I’d love to hear what you are doing to clear out the extra stuff in your life.

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  1. I’m not ready to dump any of my roosters yet, but I did give away a lot of clothing. There is even more for me to give away. It seems that the more I give away, the more that appears to still keep my closets full. I know…I will work on it some more. I started giving the clothing away when I lost weight. I kept thinking, “What if I get heavier again?” This time I am determined to give away the bigger things and stick to my new eating habits. Wish me luck!

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