Clay Pot Crafts for Every Season

Whether you are planting Spring flowers, planning summer crafts, Halloween decorations, Winter snowman and everything in between, terra cotta clay pots are super simple (cheap) options for fun! Clay Pots have been used for years as planters for gardeners’ favorite flowers. But crafters around the world are finding some amazing ways to repurpose these small terracotta clay pots. I got curious the other day and found some amazing creations – everything from birdbaths, Christmas ornaments to bells, monkeys and pot people. Clay Pot Crafts are even more popular than I imagined.

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Clay Pot Crafts

Here are some great links to help you get inspired. Have you made something amazing using clay pots and craft paint? I’d love to see your crafty creations! has a whole list of cute crafts to do with clay pots! (monkeys, alligators, bees and more!)

Crafts by Amanda has tutorials on turning pots into Pilgrims, pigs, and even an elf!

What have you seen done with clay pots? I’d love to hear and see your creation!

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  1. Hahahaha…those clay pot creatures are the greatest! There is no end to your creativity! Thanks, Sharon.

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