Classic Hobbies for a New Generation

Are you ready to learn something new? Our grandparents have enjoyed classic hobbies for generations. How many of us have inherited quilts, afghans or old letters written in beautiful script? Many of us remember our grandparents canning jellies and growing indoor plants. Now it’s our turn to remember the classic hobbies and share them with a new generation. Here are some books that will help us rediscover these hobbies and enjoy them today.

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Classic Hobbies for a New Generation

Food Skills

Learning to cook, bake, can and preserve food is a hobby that we all need to pursue. I love being able to pull out a can of ‘fresh’ blackberries, green beans or tomatos that I canned last summer right out of my own backyard. But cooking from scratch can be a daunting task if you don’t have trusted recipes to guide you. Stock your pantry with classic cookbooks and new favorites like Keto Meal Prep by flavcity and 5 Ingredient Semi-Homemade Meals so you will be ready to feed your family with high chance of success.


I have several doilies, handkerchiefs and even a quilt with intricate stitching that I have inherited from different family members. The detail on some of these family heirlooms is impressive. With the help of books like Freshly Stitched: Modern Embroidery for Absolute Beginners or Organza Hoop Art, this classic hobby can come alive again for a new group of crafters.

Sewing, Crochet, Knitting

Many of us grew up with our parents and grandparents sewing everything. My Momc could sew anything I needed for every occasion – whether it was my wedding dress or a naptime roll up sleep mat. Pick up a new book and learn to Sew for Practical Uses, or make Creative Crochet Projects for gifts and special occasions.


I have treasured letters from my grandmother and other older relatives that are a joy to read because the script is absolutely beautiful. With the ease of new fonts on editing software, art of lettering has been partially lost. Pick up Lettering from A to Z by Phawnda Moore that will teach you to create your own fonts, cursive and learn the craft of lettering.

Outdoor Hobbies

Take some time to learn the outdoor hobbies and discover how to make knives, work in a forge or use paracord in your camping adventures. Spending time in the outdoor world is a great way to bond with family and make memories together.

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What classic hobby have you picked up in 2021? Do you have memories of your grandparents or parents enjoying the classic hobbies? I’d love to hear what you are learning today!

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