Christmas Tree Spills & Falls

Tis the season for holiday music, eggnog, jingle bells, and Christmas Trees on the ground? Oh yes! Many people have spent hours decorating the perfect tree only to have it come crashing down before December 25th. Take a minute and read to these stories of Christmas Tree Spills & Falls and then make sure you leave a comment sharing your best story!

We’d love to share the experience with you! (We can’t promise not to laugh, but we do promise to admit that we’ve all had our share of broken ornaments, limbs, and shiny stars.

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Christmas Tree Spills & Falls

When we first got married, I wanted to have the perfect Christmas Tree experience. I talked my husband into going out to cut down our first tree. We ended up with my father-in-law in a parking lot behind the local grocery store. It was rainy, cold and there was not one good tree in the whole lot. We finally settled on a tree that I figured was as perfect as we were going to get. Once we got it back to the apartment, we discovered that my perfect tree actually had 2 twisted trunks and couldn’t stand straight. We tied it to the door frame to keep it from falling, but that didn’t work. Fortunately, we didn’t have very many ornaments at the time so when it crashed down, we didn’t lose anything special.

I’m just glad we got this picture before our Christmas tree ended up on the floor.

christmas tree

Fast forward 8 years and we had another Christmas Tree fiasco. Our baby was asleep upstairs and my husband was working 3rd shift when I heard the crash in the living room. For some reason, the tree that we had meticulously decorated lost its balance and just fell. When my husband got home, he found me cleaning up scraps of ornaments that had shattered all over the carpet.

Cats and Toddlers

My brother’s family has a cat and 3 little boys. As soon as the tree went up, it became a contest to see who would knock over the tree first. At first, it seemed that the cat would be the winner of this unpleasant holiday contest, but then the 2-year-old decided that he wanted to be in family history.

Do you see the cat in the tree?

cat in tree

But only a little while later, this same beautiful tree was on the floor.  Look closely and you’ll notice the cat on the side looking quite content.  It wasn’t his fault;  the two year old knocked it down instead! Thankfully my sister in law took the moment to grab this great picture!

Two year old knocks down Christmas tree

Here’s another cat who is very intrigued by the Christmas tree ornaments. Thankfully, Batman hasn’t knocked the tree down yet this year like he did last year!

Another family member had their tree fall so they decided to drill it to the floor. The tree stayed up for the rest of the season, but they accidentally drilled a hole into the tree stand so everytime they watered it, they leaked water under the carpet. What a mess. What a memory!

My sister in law had a tree that had been up all month long with no problem. Then as they were opening presents, the stand broke and the Christmas Tree just fell right beside them. Thankfully no one was hurt, but what a way to celebrate the opening of the presents.

Christmas Tree Feel Down on Christmas Morning

Have you had a Christmas Tree Fiasco? Who gets the credit or blame for crashing the tree? The cat? Dog? Baby? or was it just user error? I’d love to hear your best family stories!

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