Christmas Gift Prep Starts Now

Don’t you love to find the perfect gifts during the holiday season? But if you wait till December, it’s sometimes hard to find the gift, get it ordered in time, and have the budget to afford all the things. That’s why now is the perfect time to start shopping for Christmas gifts. I’ve even got some cool gift ideas to help you get started!

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Christmas Gift Prep Starts Now

Set your budget 

One of the biggest problems when it comes to holiday gifts is figuring out how you can afford to buy all the things you want to give. Before the holidays really start is the best time to set your budget. This will give you the opportunity to make a plan before the season gets overcrowded with all the decorations, pressure and even stress.

CMY Cubes

Optical Color Cube

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The ultimate present for the curious and creative. It sparks imagination, encourages experimentation, and offers a captivating window into the world of color and light.

  • Endless color exploration
  • Vibrant colors and design
  • For the curious and creative

Start Shopping Now

I bought my first Christmas present several months ago and already have it hidden carefully aside. I set aside a set amount of money each month and buy a few things at a time. This allows me to do the things I plan without it hitting me during December. 

Look for Preseason Sales

Some people would argue that Black Friday kicks off the best sales prices of the year but I don’t necessarily think that’s true. Some businesses are advertising free shipping, discounts, or bonus deals throughout the preseason in hopes that they will be able to make some money now instead of waiting till December. 

Recordable Story Books

Miracle on 34th Street

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Express the love you have for the little one in your lives through storytelling. This read-aloud format creates a keepsake that families will cherish forever.

  • 40 recordable pages
  • Other Titles Available
  • Bring stories to life

Shop with Reward Points

If you use a credit card that rewards you with points or you earn bonus points from your favorite stores, consider turning those points into Christmas gifts. It’s pretty satisfying knowing that you bought the gifts with bonus points and didn’t have to spend extra money.

Start Homemade Gifts Now

If you are crafty or plan to create some of your gifts but don’t have time in December, now’s the perfect time to get started. Use this month to begin the handmade process and get ready early. You can start crocheting, crafting, or sewing now and build up a stash of gifts before the hustle of the season.

Think outside the box

Sometimes people feel stressed with last-minute gifts and aren’t able to be creative. One of the bonuses of shopping now is that you can look for the perfect gift that no one else has thought about. 

CheckMate: The Wonderful World of Chess

In simple, fun stages, readers will learn what every piece can do, and how to use them on the board. Clear, original board diagrams make the action easy to understand. Readers will also discover the best tactics to use against their opponent, from how to counter the Queen’s Gambit to how to avoid the Fool’s Mate. There’s plenty to discover about the wider world of chess too – including unusual trivia and unbelievable true chess stories from history. You’ll also find a full glossary of chess terms and profiles of some of the world’s greatest players inside.


Create different sounds and pitches by pressing down the middle part of the Otamatone. By sliding your finger up and down, you can create higher and lower tones.

Otamatone’s face is made out of rubber, and by pushing his cheeks and making his mouth move around, the volume and the bass of the sound change.

The Cutest Animal Babies: How Cute? You Decide!

Meet adult wild animals in their natural habitat, see their adorable babies, and use the interactive sliding card “cute-o-meter” to rate their cuteness on a sliding scale. Featured animals include sloths, foxes, bears, tigers, elephants, and rabbits, all shown with their oh-so-cute babies. Gorgeous photography brings out the best in every animal, and bitesize text delivers entertaining facts at a level that is perfect for both emerging and reluctant readers. Learn the special words for young animals, from puppy to piglet, including some that even grown-ups might not know!

LEGO Harry Potter Magical Year at Hogwarts:

Lead your favorite LEGO® Harry Potter™ characters through a year at Hogwarts™ with this amazing new activity box format. Featuring 3 Minifigures (Harry, Ron, and Hermione), minibuilds, and a pop-up play diorama, this new format allows you to experience a magical school year from the time students board the Hogwarts Express in the fall, to when they return home for summer holiday. Also features a book with fun facts and anecdotes that will help readers discover the mysteries of Hogwarts including the fascinating teachers, amazing spells, a house tournament, and other special school moments!

Are you already thinking about Christmas gifts or is it too early for you? I’d love to hear how you decide what the perfect gift is for your family and friends!

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