Christmas Countdown Cricut Mug Gift


Are you excited to count down the days till Christmas with your kids? Or maybe you want to count down the days yourself each morning as you drink your hot cocoa, tea or coffee? Print and cut this countdown Advent style mug so you can look forward to each new morning and celebrate the holiday season!

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Christmas Countdown Cricut Mug Gift

It’s always fun to countdown to Christmas day. Some people use a paper chain and pull off a link each morning. Others use an Advent calendar with a hidden down for each morning. I know one family who had little cards or presents for each child to open as they counted down the days. However you choose to celebrate the Christmas season, it’s always fun to do something special each morning of the 12 days of Christmas.

If you have a Cricut Mug Press, here is a fun idea for ticking off each morning of the Christmas season.

Materials Needed


  • Create your design or use my free design here
  • Cut the design (remember to mirror your design)
  • Weed out the excess ink paper.
  • Use heat safe tape and attach to your mug.
  • Place it in the Cricut Mug Press and wait for the ink to transfer.
  • Remove the ink and reveal your finished project.

Use a sharpie marker to mark off each day as you countdown till Christmas. The sharpie may fade a bit if you put the cup in the dishwasher but the design will stay all season long.

I used a softer red infusible ink transfer paper, but when I make this again, I will use a strong red or even some of the fun Christmas pattern infusible ink patterns!

What do you think? Is this is a fun way to mark off each day of December with your family? I’d love to hear your Christmas traditions!

Celebrate with new books

Each year when the kids were small we would add a few new Christmas books to our family tradition. Here are two new books that are sure to become classics and earn their place in your holiday reading rotations.

How Many Sleeps ‘Til Christmas?

Joff Brown, illustrated by Gabriele Tafuni
Ages 3-
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Count down to the most exciting day of the year with this celebration of fun and familiar Christmas activities and characters.

Paperscapes: The Nutcracker

Lauren Holowaty, illustrated by Margarida Esteves
Ages 6-8
Order on Amazon

The fairytale set in a series of intricately crafted die-cut pages, forming layered scenes that make each realm unique and picturesque. Children collect press-out characters along the way for display in a beautiful diorama.

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