How to Choose the Right Kitchen Furniture


The kitchen is often referred to as the ‘heart’ of your home for a reason, especially among those whose hobby is to cook and create beautiful meals. It is where all food preparation occurs, where friends are entertained, and where small children run home to stick their paintings and party invitations to the fridge door.

Getting your choice of furniture right is essential to creating a stylish and practical kitchen space that enables you to pursue your culinary past-times. If you’re strapped for cash and your kitchen is looking a little shabby, why not try investing in one good quality piece of new furniture? Here’s some tips to help you choose the right kitchen furniture.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen Tables and Chairs

For cooking enthusiasts and lovers of good food, then you should choose a large table with plenty of seating. Suppliers such as Top Furniture offer a wide range of table and chair selections in a variety of finishes. Most people want matching chairs to go with their kitchen table, but this is not a necessary for a chic kitchen. Odd chairs belonging to the same color scheme can look very stylish and wooden benches are a versatile way of catering for lots of guests. The kitchen is often a centre piece when cooking and entertaining, so it must be fit for purpose. Make sure you choose something that fits with the scale of your room. Small kitchens can easily be dwarfed or overwhelmed with large furniture, so if your space is limited it may be worth considering a more modest table that fits into a corner of the room.

Kitchen Islands

For open plan kitchens, the island is a perfect choice. It divides cooking and eating spaces and provides an extra countertop which is always needed for serving or prepping those more complicated dishes and three course meals. Think about what you want to use your island for. Will it be for seating or a work space? If the latter, think about installing electricity sockets. If your storage space is limited, think about choosing an island with inbuilt drawers and cupboards. There are plenty of different shapes available, from kidney-shaped, oval or circular. Sharp corners are also popular but careful you don’t bump into them.

Innovative Storage Space

Every kitchen needs adequate storage space for pans, trays, glassware, crockery, cookery books, cutlery and larger items of kitchen equipment like blenders and bread makers. This is especially relevant to cooking enthusiasts who have a passion for high quality cuisine, and a popular choice is the baker’s rack that sits against the kitchen wall and are available in wood, metal or glass. Cabinetry is very important because it will make up the most-repeated feature of your kitchen. Choose a color that you won’t tire of quickly and is easy on the eyes. Mix and matching styles or finding eco-friendly cabinets for an exciting and modern design.

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