How to Choose a New Door Wreath

Are you as thrilled as I am that Spring is here? Now that winter is making way for Spring, it’s time to freshen up the decorations on our porch. I am not a particularly crafty person and don’t really do a great job at making my own wreaths for the door. But since I want a fresh look on my porch, I figured some of you might be looking for options too. Here are some tips to help you choose a new door wreath.

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How to Choose a New Door Wreath

When you are ready to choose a new door wreath there are a few questions to consider. Answer these questions and you’ll be ready to pick your perfect new wreath for the new season!

DIY or Buy Ready Made?

There are tons of DIY tutorials for how to make a wreath. You can purchase the burlap or ribbon and wreath frames and you are on your way to making a new wreath you can be proud of.

But if you prefer to buy a wreath ready made, then you may want to talk to people who specialize in plastic flowers and arrangements. HedgeScapes is a great place to start researching your next flower arrangements for your outdoor needs. You can purchase ready made wreaths online or in your favorite craft store.

Seasonal or Evergreen?

Are you looking for a wreath that is customized for one particular season like Spring or 4th of July or do you prefer one that is more versatile and can transition from one season to the next?

I love this simple lavender wreath that I can leave up all spring and summer. When the weather changes in the Fall, I can store it back till next year.

Real life tip? If you have several wreaths you like to rotate, just put several hooks up in your garage on the walls so you can hang them up. This will keep them from getting smashed or crumpled during the off-season.

How big do you need?

Before you order your ready made wreath or supplies to make your own, make sure you measure the space you need to fill. There’s nothing worse than having a wreath that doesn’t fit on the door.

Do you have a color scheme?

Befoe you buy a wreath that has mostly yellow flowers, think about what color your house is. If your siding is yellow, you may not want a yellow themed wreath or yellow ribbon. Choose colors that complement the color of your door and house.

Looking for other outdoor hedge options? There are tons of plastic, fade resistant, fire-retardent, durable outdoor hedges, topiaries, trees and shrubs that can transform your backyard space into something beautiful!

What wreath do you have on your door? I’d love to see how you decorate your porch area for spring!

What questions do you think you need to ask before you choose a new wreath? I’d love to hear from you!

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