Cheap Collections for Kids

Kids are collectors! They automatically collect stuff! To prove this point, just walk into most kid’s room and look under their bed. Do you see any stray socks, old Valentine’s cards, erasers and pencil stubs they found on the floor at school, or torn stickers left over from the last doctors visit? Since Kids love to collect things, why not help them find things to collect that don’t cost a fortune and can grow with them as they mature? Here are some ideas for cheap collections for kids!

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Cheap Collections for Kids

Cheap Collections for Kids

The key is turning a child’s attention to a collection that actually makes sense, doesn’t mold when left untended (old pieces of Halloween candy don’t make a lasting collection!), and doesn’t require much money.

We have three children. We are encouraging them to pursue hobbies and enjoy the satisfaction of watching a collection grow. Here are some ideas we’ve introduced. (Some of these ideas have been met with great interest, other suggestions have been passed up quickly. But at least it should give you some ideas.)

Guidelines for Kids Collections

  1. Must not require a lot of money
  2. Should be containable (can the collection fit in a jar? notebook? basket?)
  3. Provide options for family and friends to help contribute to the collection
  4. Could be a starting point for future hobby
  5. Should be durable (breakable glass figures may not be a great idea for an active 6-year-old)
  6. Should be changeable- Kids will probably change collections every few weeks (or days). Help them begin collecting with low (or no) cost items so they can switch tomorrow and not be out any money! Then as they fine-tune their interests, they will be ready to spend a little bit of money.

Ideas for Kids Collections


Erasers come in all shapes and colors and often cost less than $1.00. You can collect them from book fairs at school, local office stores or win them from contests at school.

Eraser Collection


If you have done any sewing, you may have buttons of all sorts in your sewing box. This is a great place to start! You could even buy novelty buttons at notions store to add unique pieces to the collections or pick up assorted buttons at yard sales. Storage idea: use a tackle box to keep the buttons sorted!



E-pennies or e-coins typically cost .51 at most attractions and make a great souvenir as well. You can also search eBay and buy a lot of ecoins for about $1.00 a piece.

Buy a collector book as a great Christmas idea for a new collector.

Read more about e-pennies and collecting tips

E-coin Collection


Pencils are often handed out at conferences, fair days or available at gift stores for very reasonable prices. You could find a cool cup and collect pencils from holidays, events, sports, animals, places you visit.


Collecting stamps can be a great collection for kids. You can ask relatives to save stamps or even talk to a local church secretary to save stamps from foreign missionaries. If you have friends who live or travel overseas, become pen pals or ask them to save stamps.

Spikey creatures:

I have no idea what these things are really called, but many party stores sell them and they are often found in prize boxes at the doctor’s office or in party bags. My child has a snowman, horse, and pink guy. They can be a fun collection!

Movie Figurines:

Since many movies are promoted through fast food kids meals, you will be able to find movie figures at fast-food restaurants, yard sales,

Since many movies are promoted through fast food kids’ meals, you will be able to find movie figures at fast-food restaurants, yard sales, thrift store bins, etc. Think about starting a Disney collection? or all Star Wars figures? Super Heroes?

Pez Dispensers:

You can find them for $1.00 at many stores. BONUS: You can find older ones on eBay or in goodwill boxes!


My kids like to find unique rocks when we go hiking or camping. You can even use a fine tip Sharpie to mark where it came from and add the date. Make sure you check the location before you take anything out of nature. Sometimes it is unwise or even illegal to remove anything from nature.


My daughter has always enjoyed collecting Schleich Animal figures.  These are a great thing to collect because they don’t lose their value over time. They are small, affordable and don’t take up alot of space.

Random family quote: Once you get 3 of something, it’s no longer junk: You’ve got a COLLECTION!

What does the child in your life collect? Any suggestions of what makes a great collection for kids? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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  1. My son has always lived collecting, he has a large collection of hotwheels, Moshi monsters, Ryan’s world figures, superheroes and dinosaurs, he did have paw patrol and happy land too but he has since got rid of these. He mainly collects what he is into at the time then sells his collection to fund the start of another. He enjoys it so much!

  2. Hi I’m Sophie I’m ten I’m struggling to decide what to collect as a hobby. Would you be able to help please ?

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