Central Kentucky Barn Quilt Trail


When you love quilts as much as we do, then you love seeing them in all their forms. People who love quilts aren’t content with just enjoying them in their homes; they sometimes want to share their favorite quilt block with their neighbors and even strangers driving down the road.  They do this by creating large quilt blocks that decorate barns, sides of buildings and even retaining walls.  Here are some tips to help you find Central KY Barn Quilts as you take the back roads.

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Central Kentucky Barn Quilt Trail

Over the past few weeks, my uncle and I have been collecting pictures of barn quilts here in central Kentucky.  Have you see them all? 

Barn Quilt Kentucky

I’m starting your central Kentucky Barn Quilt Trail in Columbia, Kentucky.  Feel free to pick it up closer to your home if you prefer.

Stop 1:  Columbia Save A Lot – on the retaining walls behind the Save a Lot across from the Columbia United Methodist Church are 8 painted quilts!

Travel 55N toward Campbellsville to see 9 barn quilts on your drive north.

Travel 210 toward Hodgenville to find 2 barn quilts along your route.
Travel 61 back south toward Columbia for 2 more barn quilts.
Take 55 South past Columbia toward Glens Fork for 2 more.

Travel 92 Toward Esto for 2 more barn quilts

highway 92 Barn Quilt
Highway 92 Barn Quilt

Drive past Russell Springs up 80E toward Fairview Church for 1 more barn quilt.

Continue on 80E to Windsor and then take 910 back to 127 for 3 more barn quilts.


Travel 127 North toward Danville for 2 more quilts.

Take 34 toward Bryantsville for possibly 5 more barn quilts.

Travel up toward Wilmore on 68 for several more quilts.

Print these directions so you will be ready to go exploring!

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Some cities and states have created official barn quilt trails.  You can print off a map or follow posted signs telling you where to drive so you can see all the quilts in a county.  

Boone County Barn Quilt Trail

Barn Quilt Trail: Dickinson Co, Kansas

On a recent visit to Abilene, Kansas we found a barn quilt located at the Heritage Center of Dickinson County. There is even an official barn quilt trail route. Contact Coordinator Lori for more information.

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