A Fun Way to Celebrate Birthdays

When our kids were born, we did something special. My husband went out and bought a newspaper for the day of their birth. We put all three of the newspapers back in a special tote box so they will have a record of current events the day they were born. But what if you want a fun way to celebrate birthdays 60 years after they were born? That’s where My Birthday Chronicle can help!

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My Birthday Chronicle

I love this idea for a birthday card. It’s easy and you can choose the FREE option! If you are not in a hurry, you can choose the option to pay with a tweet or facebook status update and you will receive an email in about 10 days.  Then you will be able to print as many copies as you want.

pay with a tweet

If you are in a hurry and want it within 24 hours, no problem. It’s simply $1.99! That extra money will also buy you the option to get a few extra custom details added in.

celebrate birthdays

My Birthday Chronicle produces a personalized mini-newspaper front page, including graphics, that will be treasured for years. No special paper is required. The printout includes a greeting, by name, from the then-President of the United States, plus newspaper headlines and stories from the recipient’s year of birth. Combining nostalgia and history, people celebrating their birthdays can look back at the world as it was on the day they were born. Every date back to Jan 01, 1900.

I see alot of websites and I have to admit that this site lacks a bit on the professional look of the site. But the product is very cool.

I know my Mother in Law will think this is a fun addition to her special birthday! Have you ever done something like this for a birthday party?  What do you think?  Will you try it?

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