07 Jul

When Braces Bite Back

A little over two months ago, I got an email from my writing teacher that told me about a KET Young Writers Contest. I immediately grabbed a notebook and...

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11 Mar

Meet Jill Osborne

Sometimes in life you have the unique opportunity to do something that uses your skillsets, helps a relative stranger (who is becoming a friend) and also makes you achieve...

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26 Jan

Author Jill Osborne Chats with Young Authors

You don’t have to be around Hobbies on a Budget long before you hear about Jill Osborne and The Good News Shoes Series. Natalie has interviewed Jill Osborne by...

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07 Jan

How to Self Publish an Ebook on Amazon

Have you written a book and thought about turning it into an ebook but had no clue how to get started? Do you think it’s going to cost hundreds...

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20 Sep

Everybody Has a Story: What’s Yours?

Each of is living our personal story! We are living through something that no one else can copy. One of the great things about the computer age we live...

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06 Feb

How to Create an Online Writing Portfolio with Contently

Do you do alot of writing for various publications, magazines, newspapers or other sources? Over the past several years, I have started writing for sources other than just my...

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