11 Sep

How to Raise Patriotic Teens

There are three things I care about more than anything else:  My faith, my family and my country.  That is why I am focused on making sure our kids...

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20 Mar

Things Teens Need to Upgrade

Have you taken a look at your kids recently? Chances are, they’re growing up and you may not even realize it. With a high schooler, middle schooler and upper...

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11 Nov

What to put in a Super Mom Toolbox

You know those moms that have it all together every single time? They’re the ones whose daughters have the perfectly amazing hairdo’s everyday. The kids come to Halloween parties...

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04 Sep

6 Things We Can Learn from Our Kids

Sometimes kids have it all figured out and we are the ones who over complicate life. As we go through our busy daily schedules, it’s easy to forget how...

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10 Jan

Life Skills Kids Need to Learn

I remember talking to a Mom in my neighborhood a few years ago. She was standing at the edge of her driveway with “that look!” The look that told...

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15 Nov

6 Things All Grandparents Need

One of the exciting things about summer is the opportunity to visit with grandparents and extended family members. If you are a grandparent looking forward to the grandbabies coming...

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