Category: Hiking

08 Jun

How to Climb a Lighthouse

I did something this past week on vacation that I have never done before – I climbed my first lighthouse! My family was on vacation near Pensacola, Florida so...

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21 Apr

Hiking Tips to stay on Budget

My family loves to take a nice hike through the woods looking for a waterfall or a pretty view. But there are alot of things that I’ve never really...

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09 Mar

Hiking Boots for the Great Outdoors

Some of us love getting outdoors and doing some serious walking in what we hope will be open countryside. Yet if you sometimes ask people what figures high on...

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08 Mar

Extreme Mountain Climbing in the UK

I have to say that this is a hobby that is way beyond my realm of expertise. My experience with climbing mountains is limited to some hiking in the...

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07 Jul

Hiking Tip – Water Bottle

This last weekend my family went for a 4 mile hike to see a waterfall. We crossed 2 swinging bridges, 4 small wooden bridges, saw numerous mushrooms, one snake,...

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26 Jun


Hiking is the perfect “hobby on a budget”. To get started, you can get by with absolutely no equipment and no financial expense. All you need is a pair...

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