Care Package Ideas for College Students

Do you have a son/daughter, niece/nephew or someone special off to college for the first year? Are you looking for some fun ideas for care packages? We all know the traditional items to send to a college student, but here are some other outside the box ideas to stay connected and keep your college kids well stocked with all the essentials.

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Care Package Ideas for College Students

Journals & Pens

If your college freshman loves to keep a journal, make sure you keep them well stocked. Pick up some simple notebooks and gel pens at your local craft store or take it up a notch with a keepsake journal and fountain pen.

The Kaweco fountain pen is a great favourite for those who like to take notes with a colorful flair.

The Palmi Grained Leather Journal is available in a wide variety of colors and is made from the finest Italian leather making it look much more expensive than it is.

Toiletries & Personal Care Items

College students are often living on a tight budget. Keep them supplied with some splurge-worthy body products and give them a spa-in-the-dorm experience. Body Butter and Body Wash by Anak Cosmetics were created for people who value sustainability, beauty, and love for nature.

Replacement Items

We all know that brushes break, hair dryers may quit working or earbuds get lost. Don’t overlook the obvious things that college students need. Send replacement items when you hear that something is broken or lost.

The new Flex Gentle Brush from British M is a patented flexible gliding wet brush with a breakthrough moving maze-shaped design that is extra gentle, ventilated to speed hair drying, and detangles all textures.

Fun Snacks

Any college student can go to the local grocery and buy a bag of chips, but not everyone knows about PopArt Snacks. Why not send snacks that are going to be bold, colorful and fun to your college student? Don’t take my word for it. Check out Popart Snacks’ assortment of colorful packaging and unique flavors!

Pop Art Snacks knows how beautifully unique you are. Your courage to stand out, inspires Pop Art to bring you delicious snacks with bold and innovative flavors. Reminding all of us, that when you inspire greatness in yourself, you inspire greatness in others.

Popart Snack


It’s almost impossible to go wrong with chocolate. Include classic favorite candybars or branch out and send RED Chocolate – the world’s premier, no sugar added chocolate with fewer calories and reduced fat.

What are the things you think are important to send to college students? I’d love to hear your favorite care package ideas!

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